PS Vita Q&A: Backwards compatibility, improved web broswer, and more

[email protected]: "The EU PlayStation blog has heard your questions! Or rather, the questions that were submitted to them through the official forum. Several members of the PlayStation Europe blog provided answers to queries posted by other members, and we’ve compiled them into one large comprehensive post."

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farhad2k82744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

PS VITA > Everything at E3.

The PS Vita is basically a portable PS3, it doesn't have to stream from a 'box' like the Wii-U does.. which by the way is a PATHETIC name. Why not call it Wii-P-on-U LOL?

GTA, Battlefield, CoD, Fifa, MMO's on the PS VITA will make me JIZZ.


PS VITA UK Release date confirmed?

Shop To claims that you will receive your PS VITA by November 4th.
Is this the American holiday season?

snipes1012744d ago

Why has noone labeled this as immature? Is this the type of people the PS crowd wants sitting at the top of their articles? Not me.

rexbolt2743d ago

the wii u is a system and the thing u say is the remote so exsplain how a remote doing all thoses things is pathetic? make note that the consol is processing to diffrent contend at the same times

a_bro2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

a few things have caught me here:

"Q: Will video chat on the psp cross with the ps3s video chat?

A: No, Party is software specific to PlayStation Vita consoles. You will however be able to send PSN messages from your PlayStation Vita, which can then be read by your friends on a PlayStation 3 console."

that kinda sucks, but i know they are just getting started and the possibilities are there.

""Q: Is there a way to play my older UMD PSP games on the PS Vita? Is there so to speak an external UMD device? Will there be a region lock on the PS Vita?

A: We are considering every possibility for supporting older UMD titles."

this is kinda worrying for people who plan to move on to Vita and I hope they find a solution to this.

"Q: Is the GPS standard for the PS Vita?

A: The GPS is standard on the 3G version; on the Wireless version, you'll still be able to access location-based services using Wireless triangulation."

Heres hoping that the GPS is just there for that one purpose, and not integrate that feature to actual games.

konigxs2744d ago

"...I've played lots of different games on it already..."

Bastard. lol I'm super jelly.

Happythedog2744d ago

I want Motorstorm AP on this baby asap. Going to put my save data on cloud.

Oldman1002744d ago

I love how they avoided answering whether the ps3 will get cross game party chat.

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