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NowGamer gets hands on the latest Final Fantasy to see just how much the game has been improved...

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Otheros002748d ago

They just did a 180. First they said, "making townz in HD takes too long". Then 2 years later they just showed something they claim will take very long to do.

So, how can making townz in HD take a very long time if you did it in 2 years?!

Unless, It Was The Stuff They Cut Out From FFXIII and Are Repackaging It As A New Game.

Godmars2902748d ago

Love how the author repeatedly complains about fanboys who complained that XIII was linear, then compliments this one for having side-areas.

If XIII had had side-areas, even if they were only corridors, people wouldn't have complained in the first place!

2748d ago
HeavenlySnipes2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

we don't have to enter a separate battle screen for every fight. Its one of the reasons I hated FFXIII. I tolerated it in previous titles because having it realtime wasn't done before, but after FF12 I don't see why they don't go with realtime battles in the environment using the paradigm thing.

EDIT: More corridors??? Making 3-4 corridorts instead of one isn't really a change. I'd rther have large expansive environments that players traverse through like in FF12. See, this is why FF games are failing, they aren't going all out any more, always holding back like they still have no competition. Skyrim, and Dark Souls will blow this out of the water. Hopefully FFVXIII will be open world.

Troll-without-Bridge2748d ago

Dude, go play a final fantasy first. Thats how they are, they are not wide open, they just have multiple paths, corridors.

HeavenlySnipes2748d ago

Final Fantasy 12 then come back to me....

Troll-without-Bridge2748d ago

FFXII while it was more open than your regular FF, its still not open world or free roam.

FFX had the right formula.

fuzion17c2748d ago

I don't care about this game! Where's Versus13 at!?

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