E3 2011: Detailed impressions of the Wii U controller

Bitmob's Dan Hsu got his hands on the controller shortly after Nintendo's E3 presentation. He says that the controller is light, some buttons feel cheap, and the screen is impressively crisp.

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choadley2746d ago

It sounds pretty cool technically, but I still can't see playing a high-execution title like a fighter. More reason to buy the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom stick, I guess.

-Alpha2746d ago

Fighters are meant to be played on a fight stick anyway

mamotte2746d ago

I cant even see myself playing a fighter game on a common console controller. That's what arcade sticks were made to.

JeffGrubb2746d ago

At least it has four face buttons and four shoulder buttons... Enough for most games.

Sadie21002746d ago

Thank god for 4 shoulder buttons. First thought there were only two.

acronkyoung2746d ago

Reminds me of the Game Gear.

THR1LLHOUSE2746d ago

Does it take 6 double A batteries?

Gungnir2746d ago

So, the controller for the next Wii is also the replacement for the DS?

THR1LLHOUSE2746d ago

Seems pretty interesting...A lot more straightforward than the Wii remote at least (in a good way, as in, I can actually see myself playing *real* games with it).

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