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FleshEatingZipper says: "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… An American gaming company named LucasArts developed fun and innovative adventure games primarily based on popular films created by George Lucas. Some where between the rise of the Playstation and anticipated release of The Phantom Menace, LucasArts reached it’s peak — the ceiling of its own empire. The E3 demo for Kinect Star Wars further proves the declining age of LucasArt’s progressive gaming."

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fossilfern2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I dont want to sound liek a troll but seriously did anyone think this would work ?

Edit: What is so hard about making another Battlefront or Republic Commando 2 !!!!!

Agent-862744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I would be all over StarWars Battlefront III. Come on Lucas Arts. You can publish garbage like this, but cancel probably your best IP.

fossilfern2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

"Come on Lucas Arts. You can publish garbage like this, but cancel probably your best IP."

Man, you speak the truth! What are Lucas arts thinking ? And with the power that is available to them with the ,360, PS3,PC and now the Wii-U, why are they even bothering with this game ? They could make an epic Battlefront game!

beast242tru2744d ago

well lets give it a try before we bash it too much

Agent-862744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

MS must have given them a lot of money. Why on earth did they pick the Kinect for this game? The Sony Move seems like a more logical choice. Instead of being on-rails, you could have moved your character with the Nav controller. Instead of flailing your arms with slow, inaccurate screen response, the lightsaber could have 1:1 control with the Move. I just don't get it. Money had to be involved, because from a gameplay viewpoint, it doesn't make any sense. And, before you label me a Sony fanboy, I'm a PC gamer and just saying how I see it.

DigitalRaptor2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I was stumped when LucasArts announced an exclusive Kinect game, when I knew that all this was going to do was prove Kinect's limitations and that it was going to be a dumbed down on-rails experience, and nothing like the Kinect fanboys were making it out to be. Was I right? Spot on.

I mean a Sony Move lightsaber game just sounds right. It just fits. All the pieces are there, it's up to LucasArts to pick them up and make something great!

But no... Are LucasArts on crack, or has Microsoft introduced them to a fat paycheck, or what?

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2744d ago

I thought the same thing with the move controls. They have to make at least an analog dongle or something to get it off the ground. It is a fun thought to just use movements for games such as this but you really need to be able to move around and back and forth and this can only be done with a controller of some sort unless they make up a motion capture suit add on device. Thinking like the ea active type arm/leg bands idea. Maybe they will allow use of the normal controller to at least use the sticks to move around and the other hand for slashing with.

There was an uproar when it first announced, then they showed the gameplay and it reminded me of pro wrestling where they pipe in the cheers and boos. The crowd was silent, and I dont think in a good shocked way.

The sports title looks promising, the kids games look neat for little ones but they really wii'd the games, doesnt seem like they are doing much to attract the core gamer.

Its a damn shame, that xbox and ps wouldnt get together for a console. The kinnect tracking/move experience would be great for those who enjoy the motion gaming.

Jocosta2744d ago

Can the title be more melodramatic? Get a grip.

ForROME2744d ago

Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaame, idea was great not so sure about the game they should have waiting for the lag fix they spoke of first and even then its a 5/10 game at best

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