Sony confident Vita battery life will compare to PSP

STN Writes:

Sony Worldwide Studios SVP, Scott Rohde has told Gamespot in an interview that he Sony are confident the PlayStation Vita’s battery life will match that of the PSP.

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fatstarr2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

so under 6 hours?

the 3DS and vita will have similar battery life then

why cant they just invest in higher capacity batteries?

zeeshan2746d ago

That's actually not bad. Not bad at all. I mean look at what that thing is capable of! If you can game for 6 hours with WiFi and everything then that is simply awesome!!!

Skip_Bayless2746d ago

Well I'm just gonna be playing this bad boy at home most of the time. I like being social when I'm out. That means no headphones and looking at a electronic device(for the majority of the time).

rexbolt2746d ago

doubt it cus psp2 ran about 5 hours and it pritty much had no online

BrianG2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Well from what I hear the 3DS can only do about 3 hours with 3D. Correct me if I'm wrong please.

So seems like the PSV at least has the opportunity to double that. Not to mention the PSV is pushing out a higher resolution and powering more powerful chips than the 3DS.

I remember hearing the rumors that the PSV wasn't revealed due to overheating problems and battery issues. Not surprising considering the power they are trying to pack into the device.

Spitfire_Riggz2746d ago

It was supposed to flip open at first I think. But having it like that made it heat up so they went with the PSP like design instead

CynicalVision2746d ago

Similar? Well not quite, if it's anything like the original PSP then it should have between 5-6 hours (perhaps even more considering there is no UMD drive).

Compare that to the 3DS;

- Test 1: Full 3D, wireless on, full backlight, running a game - 3:08
- Test 2: Full 3D, wireless on, backlight on 2 (out of 5), running a game - 4:18
- Test 3: No 3D, wireless off, backlight on 2, running a game - 4:42
- Test 4: Normal playing - wireless almost always on, system kept in sleep mode for StreetPass, varying levels of 3D used* - 3:55

VampiricDragon2746d ago

ive gotten close to 4 and 5

so your numbers are made up

Ju2746d ago

It still is a quad with a quad-gpu. How much game time do you get out of a current iPhone or Android (single core / 1GHz) ? I know 2-3 hours max on my GalaxyS - and those are no games like UC. 5-6 with constant gameplay is pretty amazing if true.

nilamo2746d ago

Can't get better than lithium-ion right now.

zeal0us2746d ago

longer battery life means either
slower processor or rather an more expensive processor

or bigger battery
don't need a brick attach the back of this thing lol

The Great Melon2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I actually wouldn't mind phone companies adding 5 mm to their world's "slimmest" phones to obtain decent battery life. I prefer functionality over form or at least a balance between the two. A fairly thick phone that would last several days under constant use will get my money over the ones that can barely get through a day.

ChronoJoe2746d ago

Yeah if anyones that bothered they just buy a spare battery and keep it charged :)

Studio-YaMi2746d ago

"the 3DS and vita will have similar battery life then"

ummm,what ?

you didn't put in consideration how much more powerful the PSVita is compared to the 3DS,having the PSVita capable of playing for 5 to 6 hours,that's just pretty good and not bad at all.

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TheCampfireSong2746d ago

Hopefully it will last longer than the psp.

sickbird2746d ago

idk about you guys but i struggle to play handhelds for more than an hour at a time.

Der_Kommandant2746d ago

I was hoping for a thermonuclear battery...

LilDeja932746d ago

"Sony are confident the PlayStation Vita’s battery life will match that of the PSP" ...

Well if what their saying is true, i'll be amazed, considering the amount of power under the hood.