E3 2011: Kirby Wii boasts new Super Abilities

El33tonline writes:

"Fans and those new to the Kirby franchise can look forward to an exciting adventure in Kirby Wii.

No doubt taking note of the success of the drop-in/drop-out multiplayer success in New Super Mario Bros, you get the same awesome feature in Kirby Wii. "

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CrescentFang2751d ago

Waddle Dee is finally here...
And then there's that Kirby coming to the DS as well and I just got Epic Yarn too...

This is too much for me :3

Venox20082751d ago

all those games are in different style.. DS version is a puzzle, yarn has interesting kirby art style & great innovation and this new kirby is more of traditional kirby game + 4 player Co-op! :)