Assassin’s Creed Revelations ‘Desmond Journey’ teaser

Ubisoft posted a new trailer today. It's not as good as the big E3 Trailer but this one does show Desmond having some small technical problems.

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SarahFox2749d ago

for the record I thought this trailer was strange as all hell

Son_Lee2749d ago

The whole series is strange as hell, is it not? But that's why I love it. Although I hope it doesn't get as close to the ridiculousness that was Lost.

DanSolo2749d ago

Yeah that was a pretty strange trailer.... interesting though!

lol Yeah Lost did get pretty ridiculous by the end... it started well and then just kind of lost the plot a bit!

Nate-Dog2749d ago

I think the reasoning of it is out there if you want to find it (I think the GameInformer magazine revealed it anyway since it makes sense to me after I read part of that).

-Gespenst-2749d ago

This game already looks like it'll dwarf Brotherhood. How do ubi do this? Unless they've got a gigantic backlog of ideas for AC big enough to last them a decade; each one more awesome and ambitious than the last; I just don't know where they get this consistent creative ability. Call it milking if you want, each game has still been head and shoulders above it's predecessor.

In short I'm excited for this.

Quagmire2749d ago

Is it possible he'll somehow find Subject 16 in the Black Room?