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Submitted by GameZenith 1711d ago | opinion piece

It is clear that none of the big 3 “won” E3 this year writes: "With Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo all completing their E3 2011 Press Conferences, it is clear that none of them really “won” E3 this year. Microsoft showed off just how much depth Kinect has, Sony introduced PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo revealed Wii U. While each of the three companies all had something unique to show and will help their perspective brands in the coming months and years, neither one of them had that sold showing that really made one stand out over the other." (3DS, E3, Industry, Microsoft, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Sony, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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NYC_Gamer  +   1711d ago
E3 was really boring to me
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Son_Lee  +   1711d ago
Same here, man. Sucks cause I was really excited for it. At least there's still some great games coming out this year and early next year.
Yi-Long  +   1711d ago
Agreed... it was very poor... nobody 'won'...
... and 'the gamer' is the big loser in all this.

This is starting to look pretty damn bleak.
fatstarr  +   1711d ago
ccause people are finally starting to see that its the same thing over and over and over and over.

Something new needs to happen.
TheLastGuardian2010  +   1711d ago
Well most games were announced/leaked before e3.
Muletroid  +   1711d ago
i agree i remember when E3 was about revealing new games but new reveals were few and far between

i want all of the publishers to get serious about E3 like i swear i remember capcom and sega and so much more all had conferences
what happened?
trounbyfire  +   1711d ago
Couldn't agree more SUCKED hard.
microsoft was uber bad and laughable
sony showed most before E3, PSV i like and OLED screen i love, party system but no ps3 party system...uh WTF

nintendo showed games from last year, the whole zedla was a joke no game, and they join the HD gen with a Sud HD controller????

yeah thats right its sub hd 6.5 inches, port machine, nintendo should have made a tablet

CDbiggen  +   1710d ago
Oh noes, best go get a life then.
trounbyfire  +   1709d ago
that makes sense R u 12

from what i hear even the media is down on E3 this year, I wanted FFv13 not 13-2, KH3, unannounced games, and a ps3 software update and I got ZERO
so yeah e3 sucked for me
TheLastGuardian2010  +   1711d ago
Jeez you guys are winers. When you look in the audience you'll notice it's not gamers who are there, but rather business men in suits and ties. This is a multi billion business for them, and to expect them to focus on games and what not is ludicrous. They could care less about that. That's what the press conferences are there for, for the business men.

The show floor is for people like us, getting the chance to play the demos and games.

This e3 wasn't the best, I'll admit, but it wasn't THAT bad. 2012 is looking to be a sharp gaming year, nuff said.
NLGSean  +   1711d ago
They need to change this site to "N4C"... News for Crybabies... because that is what most of you are... Whaaaaah I didn't get this... I didn't see that...

All three companies showed off some great stuff, yet most of you complain about anything... Try going back to the 80's when I grew up on gaming... Did we whine about E3?.. No, because was no E3... and news about games came from magazines...

Most of you snot-nosed kids are just spoiled babies and you should be lucky to even have 3 game consoles and a boatload of cool games at your disposal... Grow up and stop crying...
00  +   1711d ago
hey what a minute
aren't you whining about others whining, kind of hard to take you seriously when you're doing the same thing your complaining about.
whydoyouask  +   1711d ago
Oh, the irony.
DuneBuggy  +   1711d ago
If the WiiU isnt coming for a year and a half, I think MS and Sony got a big break (especially MS). Unless the Wii becomes a $99 console (which it may), I dont see skyrocketing sales of a Nintendo console on the horizon for some time. This also allows MS and/or Sony to announce a console sucsessor at next years E3 and still have it ready by the holiday season 12'.
In the short term, the only real battle is going to be the handheld wars.
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kewlkat007  +   1711d ago
This year's E3 was just very UNBALANCED. All the console makers have different goals already set and catered to them.

NINTENDO, the only one with news of a Brand new console(All by themselves) which is not fare to comparisons to the others.

Ms concentrated on kinect and Sony's Vita but really nothing you didn't already know about from them.

Seems to me, all 3 console makers are at different stages at this point in the life of their current console. They did not all come together to showcase new HARDWARE. It's not the end but we are beginning to see the end of this console gen and that's the kind of E3 this was.
DrFUD  +   1711d ago
Well Nintendo or Sony might have.
We sure as hell know Microsoft didn't so saying none of the companies won is a false statement
turgore  +   1711d ago
This E3 crushed many dreams. Only good thing was Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider and PS vita.
cyclonus007  +   1711d ago
Microsoft didn't win because they announced the same stuff they did last year, even more Kinect, and their big reveal was a no brainer (Really, another Halo? Like this year, last year and the year before that?)

Sony didn't win because they leaked their big announcements weeks ago. The only big surprise was the PSV price but that was more of a "wow, they aren't going to gouge us" surprise.

Nintendo didn't win because for all the bells and whistles the WiiU has, they gave no price. Those controllers do not look cheap and all the hype could instantly deflate if they say the system is over $400.
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user9841288  +   1711d ago
yeah it sucked but look at how many get mad if you say that... This gen gamer = give us more of the same. It's only a matter of time before gaming is just like movies. Same dumbed down crap with a different name but it pleases the kids because everything is new to a child. Gaming will never be what we thought it would be and we just have to accept that and go play Disneyland Kinect or find a new hobby I guess. :(
lizard81288  +   1711d ago
agree, nobody won.

i'm not going to reiterate what has been already said, but i am really disappointed with nintendo, their conference sucked.

no new games, and it was like they did a copy/paste of last year with the 3ds, but with less 3rd party support. we already knew about mario, kid ic, mario kart and mario kart. and why are they showing off OoT3D? it comes out like next week.

for wiiU, they just showed off the controller. and then use simulated footage, saying wiiU, may or may not look like this. :/
they also made it look like it was an add-on or something you could buy for your wii.

and then there was no new ds or wii games being showed either.

overall, disappointing.
konigxs  +   1711d ago
PS Vita is all I really care about. As far as E3 is concerned, I'm not the kind of gamer who always stays on top of things related to E3 every year. But it's quite clear that E3 has been declining ever since 2 or 3 years ago...? Either way, let's just be grateful for whatever they've got to show us.

The E3 DMC trailer is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. The hardcore whiners out there who keep saying "OH that was uber shit, how terrible" don't really appreciate GAME DESIGN. It's not like they WANT to disappoint us, and not all companies can make games like Uncharted or Metal Gear Solid. All we can say is Ninja Theory needs to step it up a notch, but don't bash them for trying their best. You have one simple solution: just don't buy the game and everyone's happy. You're happy for not having to play such a terrible game, and they're happy for not having to deal with your bullshit.
ShinFuYux  +   1711d ago
"PS Vita is all I really care about."

ditto. I think Sony won. Nintedo wasn't overwhelming. The rest sucked..
SUPER-ECO-CLEAN  +   1711d ago
Nintendo: Announces new weird looking console that will probably cost a fortune just for a big a** controller.
Sony: Announces the real name to the psp2 which is fugly and show stuff that we all know about and already seen.
Microsoft...Kinect, kinect, kinect, halo, done.
Yep E3 was underwhelming and disappointing this year.

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