UPDATE: More News on Wii U

Great Gaming Crusade: "More news is coming from Twitter and more."

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iforgotmylogin2746d ago

hmm finaly he feels wiiu is up to par for unreal engine 3
thats good,

VampiricDragon2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

it was always up to par. If specs are right its like twice as powerful as ps3

Remember thats only based on raw specs

thq have said its far more powerful than either the ps3 or 360

5119ent2746d ago

not from what i saw and read

iforgotmylogin2746d ago

what did you see?
was it the zeldahd tech demo
or the koi pond extended demo

Drekken2746d ago

If your goal of "good" is running the most over used, trite engine in the industry then you are total opposite of me. I hate the unreal engine and almost every game that uses it. Its time for the industry to move on.

supremacy2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

3DS is not dropping in price despite the ps vita?

I was actually hoping for this confirmation, because what this does is put both handhelds in even terms.

I want to see, what transpires in the coming years.

This will be interesting.

VampiricDragon2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

why would it?

The vita will only be out in japan this year, and in japan its more expensive anyway. The 3ds (like the ds in its first year) has 3 huge first party titles for then.

Theres no reason to drop the price this early, maybe next year.

From what weve been seeing from vita there are more multuiplats/console d than exclusives right now at the moment, so unless it can literally match the 3ds with the same amount of exclusives it might not be as interesting as you think

This is my take

supremacy2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Bro the fact is this, the vita is easy to develop for.

When you talk about multiplats, i cant help but picture street fighter 3DS and then street fighter x tekken.

Vita is said to have full psn integration which means pstore, in addition to its unique games like gravity daze, sound shapes and so on, there's the PlayStation suite as well.

Cross platform gaming, trophies and already the reception is there for it.

Everyone is already talking about the advantages of this platform and now that the prices are match yeah i say it does matter more than you think.

The original psp has always been more expensive than the DS, according to this. This is no longer the case so yeah i believe things are going to be different.

Things like this is what most people will look at over the multiplats, which by the way the 3DS has its share off.

Things are bound to be different this time around, at least thats how i feel.

Ddouble2745d ago

Here in the UK the price has dropped unofficially in a lot of places. Amazon has it at £50 less than retail.

supremacy2745d ago

Yeah but i am talking about an official price drop across the board there are plenty of deals one could find if they search.

But of course thats not what i am talking about either.

cochise3132746d ago

i think i'll pass on the wii u. I'm not really impressed. I was hoping for more. I'll just wait on ps4 and the next xbox. I'm sure they'll unveil their next consoles e3 2012.