No turning back, says Sony PS3 boss

MSN: The head of the Sony unit that makes the PlayStation 3 game console has said there is no going back on a push to offer always-connected play despite a series of hacking attacks that downed its network at a cost of £105 million

Kazuo Hirai, group chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment, told reporters that connectivity is central to the PlayStation experience

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Nes_Daze2752d ago

I agree with Hirai, it is indeed a wake-up call, and those childish hackers should be found and punished.

LocO_o2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Fanboyisn aside I think Sony is one of the best companies when it comes to pleaseing fans.

Valve is 2nd only because they are making me wait so long HL Ep 3.

Edit: Just played Uncharted 2 and I am left speechless. Sony please give Naughty Dog an unlimited supply of money and resources. Heck I would even go as far as to say that Sony should give the Killzone franchise and GOW franchise to ND.

Uncharted 2 is what this gen should be about. Minimal bugs,awesome graphics,amazing game play and a kick a$$ cast. My only wish for UC3 is that they add more emotional moments into the game - Kill Chloe or Sully but make them go out in a very epic way.

Edit: My GF hates gaming but after me watching me play Uc2 she kept begging to continue playing becasue to her it was like watching a AAA movie.

Tru_Ray2751d ago

Uncharted 2 is the pinnacle of interactive storytelling for this current generation of consoles. As a developer, ND is on another level.


Nexgensensation2751d ago

I bet he or she wont say whatever negative comments they now said.

I_find_it_funny2751d ago

Kaz must be hella funny off camera

Bebedora2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Played Uncharted 2 in half-a-second or what? I could see what you are trying to say. In one way or the other. Just don't do this. ....for my wellbeing.

The next-best gaming experience this gen is U:DF, then U:2 and first is...*drumroll* Dragon Age:Origins.

nix2751d ago

i would know. because the woman in my office watched the whole game as it unfolded. it's a great story to watch.

R0me2751d ago

When I saw UC2 I asked myself how ND could top this. Well they just showed UC3. Holy ****! Ship gameplay is awesome.

NateCole2751d ago

lol!. Sony should use that for marketing.

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03212751d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth, Bubbles for you sir!

JellyJelly2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Love that pic. Made a little changes to it. :)

Hellsvacancy2751d ago

Lol, mofo, i think you got too much time on your hands

+1 2-u

KwietStorm2751d ago

You know he'll never live down that Ridge Racer thing when even Jack Tretton clowned him.

Louis_Guzman2751d ago

"lolwtf?" Dude that was priceless. Bubs Jellyx2, love ya!

sikbeta2751d ago

ROFL! that was... thanks man XD


"There's no turning back on the use of networks in the interactive experience that we want to bring to our customers," he said. "Just like you can't imagine having a PC that's not connected, I really can't imagine a console that is not able to connect to the networks and do online game play."

You're The Man KAZ!

insomnium22751d ago

Thanks Jelly! I almost shat my pants just now. That's hilarious.

a_bro2750d ago


Shikoro2750d ago

To his disagrees, u jelly? U mad? XD

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house2751d ago

ever since i picked up a controller for the ps1 there was no turning back for me as well Sony as continued year after year to deliver on great games, great hard wear and just over all a great experience

Mr Patriot2750d ago

Agree with this good man

Bebedora2751d ago

I like what Sony does too, but...could you...would you...plz edit that?

house2751d ago

my bad on my grammar just was typing that while i was watching a live stream n_n

Eamon2750d ago

You own both accounts, I take it? lol

Black102WingS2751d ago

Reason I'm with sony instead of microsoft, its because sony always delivers to those who wait.

jacksons982751d ago

And more and more I'm realizing Sony is the only company left committed to actual gamers. Everyone else is going after the angry birds crowd.

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