E3 2011: New Rise of Nightmares screenshots & trailer roll in

New Trailer and Screenshots from the latest Kinect Horror game!


High resolution screens added, checkout the post.

Game looks much better now.

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gdogg9792743d ago

this looks 10x better than anything kinect related ms showed at there conference why in gods name didnt they show this???

thought "the covering of ears" was a little ingenious idea..

this has kind of given me abit more hope for ryse and steel battalion and the like.

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radphil2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

See it's stuff like this that they should have shown during their conference.

What was up with all the companies not showing the good stuff, aside from EA and BF3?

Burning_Finger2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

That looks horrible. Gwad, I just don't understand why would they waste their resources on this awful game. They could have use this to fund for Shenmue 3 Development.

cooperdnizzle2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

We are going to get a hole bunch of disagrees, but i agree with you... This game looks awful, but 360 fans have nothing more to look forward to with the kinect. I had a kinect for the past 4 months i just sold it, it was boring and lame and there are no good games. This game looks like a collage class could have made it. Really if anybody thinks this game looks good your lying to your self.

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The story is too old to be commented.