Nintendo Has In Fact Designed The Developer’s Console – Here’s Why

With the announcement of Nintendo’s next-generation console in the bag, the Wii U system has been designed with the developer in mind in multiple ways. Creating an even more immersible experience, with touch controls, individual cameras, improved graphics, and a fairly traditional controls layout, Nintendo is moving to do everything right for developers.

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RegalPrince2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

They also designed an expensive controller.

JoeIsMad2744d ago

That thing is stupid expensive looking, but it probably won't be more than 100. 40 bucks more than existing rates for a decent Wii set.

ROQFrost2744d ago

Id buy it. I mean come on! iTs gonna be sweet!

seemywinning2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I think the wait will be worth it for a PS4/Xbox 720

This is jumping the gun to pick up every console on the market. If that's your thing, you've got it.


I know they said the idea was exactly to not have the controller to work as a handheld but I don't see the sense in this...

If your controller is a big tablet like device with gaming dedicated buttons, why the hell wouldn't you want it to double as a handheld?

I can see the problems in doind so too... The controller would cost even more, maybe to the point it wouldn't be practical as main controller, it could cut onto 3DS sales, it's kind of big for a handheld (although I think the tablet popularization already proves that this is practically portable).

Still the good far outweigth the bad... In fact, I think if they would had been less jumpy the 3DS would even exist. They could have a console and handheld experience bundled together, fully integrated (as from the beginning, something the PSP failed to do and the NGP will need time to take on).

And that's, ladies and gentlemen... that's a killer.

L6RD7BLU32744d ago

We don't know the price yet just like the PSVita I honstly thought it will be in the $399 price point range but it's only $249-299 so all in all the console can't be to expensive.

Mykky2744d ago

From the looks of it, it seems like you don't need more than one. I guess and hope the full price of Wii U will be 300$!

yamzilla2744d ago

i think the main touchscreen control is sweet, but there will also be a traditional ps3 like controller available for core/regular games....heres hoping


and make all games native 1080p with 4x anti aliasing

AWBrawler2744d ago

backwards compatible so i assume u can use classic controller pro

StarCSR2744d ago

I'm counting on that as well! They'll have a redesigned "classic controller" with shoulder buttons and triggers to play those games that won't need the extra screen. But then again... I think the screen will be used in every game. Even if it's just for the "pause" screen filled with options and statistics.

maruyuki2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

does hardware really have anything to do with whether a developer wants to support the system?

the wii is interesting, but what it comes down to for developers is which system is easiest to design for. this console probably will come to be the easiest, but saying that complex hardware is designed for developers is just stupid, if anything it makes their lives more difficult, and it expends their resources to something that isn't part of the core gaming experience.

JoeIsMad2743d ago

This is not complex hardware. That's just the point. Same controller layout as Xbox and PS, with the same hardware architecture - running a similar processor with more kick as the 360.

Grannyvukka2744d ago

How powerful is the thing though, as so far from what I've seen, it is actually looking less powerful than 360 & PS3.

It also needs a traditional controller, as a tablet type system for a controller would be pretty useless for most genres of games.

PS4 & 720 will end this thing....I mean it truly seems like Nintendo give us customers nothing but gimmicky features coupled with tech that is literally a generation behind, or not much better.

JoeIsMad2743d ago

The system is actually more powerful than a PS3 and Xbox 360, but most videos shown were of games on the competitor's consoles. Like most titles, you won't see better graphics unless they were designed to work on that console and scaled down for the crappier ones.

Titles like Battlefield 3, Dirt 3, and Need for Speed: The Run will look great on the Wii U, taking the most of what the hardware has to offer.