Nintendo's Press Conference in a Nutshell: What you Missed

GPT: "Unlike the Microsoft and Sony conferences held yesterday, Nintendo began their demonstration in a rather awkward way. After an unnecessary prerecorded introduction an orchestra performed a beautiful musical montage from The Legend of Zelda. This was partnered with a snippet of gameplay being shown on the jumbo-tron. After a few minutes of this Miyamoto walks on stage talks about Zelda, for at least fifteen more minutes."

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vgn242748d ago

So..blown away.
At how mediocre that all was.

jphelps802748d ago

I agree. I think MS won E3 for the first time ever from a business standpoint. MS proved they're going after casual and hardcore. Sony showed off games like Captain America and Green Lantern, LOL.

Nintendo positioned themselves with a way to get hurt if MS and Sony announce new consoles next E3.

fatstarr2748d ago

or to counter they positioned themselves to sell millions of consoles 2012 q4 because as of yet microsoft and sony dont have a public release of their next gen systems.

and i dont ever remember any company announcing a main console system at e3 and releasing it the same year.

Cyorg2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

@ jphelps
They also showed off Dust, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, and a bunch of new PSV stuff. I thought Sony had a good E3. Unlike Microsoft, that kept showing casual games for Kinect.

BeaRye2748d ago

1 MS
2 Nintendo
3 Sony

Alos882748d ago

I hope you are rating from worst to best.

NewMonday2748d ago

this must be the order of the worst presentations :p

50Terabytespersec2748d ago

Lame once again no game of the year or any awards related to modern gaming and advancements for Nintendo in the future!!! you think with all the money they made they would Build a console with RAID SSD and All Flash Memory and 20+ cores and such 4 GB of ram and just lay it all out there and bring us back to days of Super NES or N64!!! Superior CGI Tech!!
The gold ol days CGI workstation Tech and stuff damn , now they are just a bunch of soccer mom children toy panderers..

AWBrawler2748d ago

wait soccer moms like Zelda, Ninja Gaiden, BattleFront 3, and Darksiders?

hmmmmmm??? Did we see the same system?

What I saw was a lot more balance from Nintendo

50Terabytespersec2747d ago

Get real,the PSVita is more of a Console then this crap Nintendo has been spewing out lateley.

vgchica2748d ago

Very excited about Mario Kart in 3D. Luigi's mansion? Not so much.

VG_Releaser2748d ago

Why all the hate on Luigi? I bet it's a good game.

kennykramer2748d ago

Because Luigi is not Mario and Nintendogs love their Mario.

dgonza402748d ago

any of you guys play luigi's mansion?
it was cool, i was a kid when i played it so it helped me transition into horror games lol
luigi's mansion was creepy at times..

BattersUp2748d ago

I wouldnt say I missed anything. Wii U will get slammed when Sony and MS unviel next year.

2748d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.