Uncharted 3 Multiplayer: Hands-On Impressions NowGamer

NowGamer gets hands on with Uncharted 3 multiplayer and talks perks, buffs and game modes.

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WhiteLightning2749d ago

Not liking the sound of Power Plays

Can't we just have a simple death match like Uncharted 2. It sounds like it's much more based around luck or whatever you've unlocked instead of winning/killing by skill.

I mean if your level 6 and your up against a level 48 who has unlocked way more stuff then you then it's going to be really unfair. It wasn't as bad in Uncharted 2 because you just had could argue that a high leveled person has down the irons, from the hip or surefoot but you get them fairly early.

-Alpha2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

I dont mind power plays, some of them sound good, others sound silly.

Silliness is my biggest problem with UC3 MP. Some ideas are just so bizzarre.

The core gameplay sounds as great as ever, but the surrounding things are huge concerns for me.

Some of the boosters are really, really stupid.

Turning into bugs, disappearing in smoke, allowing you to spawn with power weapons simply for dying against one, seeing an enemy through walls/on the radar just because they killed you or your dying, they are going overboard with them and borrowing all the wrong ideas from COD.

On top of that, like COD, you can upgrade twice to pro versions. IMO it creates all kinds of balance concerns.

They better have a barebones playlist for some regular fun

Studio-YaMi2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Didn't see you complaining about the Call of duty attachments and power ups/kill streaks,you know call of duty,the game you keep defending every time someone tries to criticize it.

Do you listen to yourself lately Alpha ? you're like an anti-sony fanboy lately,I've been seeing lots of negative comments from you addressing some Sony articles and comments,what's with the negative nancy attitude ?

-Alpha2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )


Actually, I have complained about MW2. All you'd have to do is ask for my opinion on it instead of pointlessly bringing MW2 into this as if my opinion on it excuses the comments I made towards UC3.

Also, I never saw perks in MW2 that let you spawn with power weapons for simply getting killed by one, turning into a bunch of bugs, or disappearing into a puff of smoke on command.

I don't care if you only notice my criticisms towards Sony, I make negative comments towards anything I feel the need to criticize. If it's a Sony trend, then so be it. Calling me a fanboy doesn't mean much. Strangely, no one seems to scold me for when I praise Sony or criticize Xbox.

ForROME2749d ago

Agreed-ed, I'm starting to think im more excited for the campaign then the multilayer which is opposite of what I thought I would feel

TheCampfireSong2749d ago

I would love to see a barebones playlist, none of this perk shit.

WhiteLightning2749d ago

@-Alpha..I agree

I hope it does have a barebones playlist....well at least a playlist with all the boosters in from Uncharted 2, the ones which are fair though non of this situational awareness crap.

Honestly when the beta comes and you find something wrong with it, if your a TRUE uncharted fan you'll get on the ND forums and complain to them. I want a good Uncharted 3 online experience, just because ND find what they've done is good dosen't mean we have to pretend to like it or put up with it.

May aswell complain early when we have the chance. I bet most people have these concerns but are scared to be criticised on here.

maxmill2748d ago

Power plays are awesome but it just sounds like doing they are doing wrong ones

hope there isnt any crap like situational awareness