Atlus To Publish The King of Fighters XIII In North America

Atlus has just announced that The King of Fighters XIII will be coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 25th. The game boasts a roster of over 30 characters to choose from with many improvements to the gameplay. Mai is actually in this game. For whatever reason, she just wasn’t in King of Fighters XII despite being popular.

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MoDyDo2749d ago

Finally I've been waiting for it since the arcade release, This is gonna rock XD

Peaceful_Jelly2748d ago

Can't wait to play this game. Too bad my PS3 slim died yesterday after only 2 years... Now I have to wait until next month to probably buy another cus I really want to play inFamous 2 and the Uncharted 3 beta. =/

Nexgensensation2748d ago

its a waist of money. If anything invest in sequels; demon souls, and 3d dot hero!