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Raider692748d ago

The good old Zombie plague is back!Great improvement on the gameplay!

aCasualGamer2748d ago

Dear god what a PIEEEEECE of SH****T!

Capcom is raping their own franchises and i'm seriously blown away by their stupidity.

They either shit on both their consumers and shareholders or they have something in store for TRUE fans on TGS.

This won't sell.... I'm almost 100% sure that fans are raging at their plans for the franchises.

DMC is dead.

RE is dead.

What will Capcom do?

Kurylo3d2748d ago

What are you talking about.. this game looks freakn awesome. It looks way better then RE4 and RE5. Its the direction it should have took from the get go. Multiplayer in racoon city.

aCasualGamer2748d ago

Honestly don't know if you're being sarcastic or not. Because i think this is the worst piece of shit i've ever seen.

Really feel bad for the development team as they won't get many sales. This is basically socom's zombie mode.

RE fans are getting screwed over by Capcom.

Tank_Commander_E62748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

f****ing fanboys are unable to appreciate something new. they just want the same old **** time and time again gameplay looks really good will pick it up when it comes out.

snipes1012748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Im with tank. Let shit evolve and learn to let things go. Resident Evil always played like shit when it was "scary." This looks nice and smooth, like I could do things that, oh I dunno, a special forces operative would be able to do to a zombie. Everyone in the earlier games might as well have been pussies. They were cops/special agents/forces that couldn't walk right, couldn't aim for the head and for whatever reason couldn't knock a whimpy zombie down with a melee attack. The only reason they were "scary" was because you had basically no control over your character. At least this is logical (or at least as logical as it can be in the realm of zombies).

As long as we're talking about stupid fanboys, the fact that people are so pissed about the Dante redesign is mind boggling. He didn't really gain any ground or lose any. He went from cornball idiot to emo child. They're both about on the same level. I never paid much attention to him, just the fact that the game was, I dunno, fun? Fun? Yea I think that's the idea that games were built on. Not what the character looked like. GROW UP ALREADY.

aCasualGamer2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )


Listen, if they want to create something new. Be my guest. They are free to create whatever new IP they want. But choosing to use RE as a franchise and making something new out of something that already exists is the wrong way. They end up hurting the franchise by making it less appealing to both fans and new comers.

1. They aggravate their own fanbase.

2. The game still isn't different enough from the rest of the shooters in the industry, so what was the point?

3. Why not create some new IP's instead?


You complain that the fans want the same shit all over again? HELL MOTHER FU*****ING YEEEEEEEEEEEES! And who are you to disagree? We are the ones who fu***ing made Capcom what it is... EVERY RE FAN, EVERY DMC FAN, EVERY STREET FIGHTER FAN.

I honestly don't understand the people who say that a franchise needs to reinvent itself?! Why is that necessary? Why can't they just keep making RE games as long as fans are happy? They earn money and we get what we want... WHY IS THAT SO HARD?

Now are you gonna tell me that Capcom should look away and shit on us?


Yeah i really believe that you wouldn't shit your pants if you were in the same mansion that they were in if it really happened in real life, regardless of your job as a policeman or w.e.

A gamer nerd like you would be the first victim as seen in the newspapers of the first intro of RE1.

The game is really not about whether or not you could move right, it was all about the feeling and atmosphere of the games. The feeling of walking alone in those corridors and not knowing what would come next. THAT'S what Resident Evil is all about. Having to push your buttcheeks together avoiding a bloody mess down your pants while you go through each room of the mansion.

If you played a Resident Evil game for the shooting aspect and wanted run and gun style of gameplay then i truly don't understand why you didn't play doom or quake or something else at that time?

People are pissed off on DMC because you couldn't possibly feel powerful when killing demons when you know in the back of your mind that you're controlling a gay emo child in his teens. Back in DMC 1-4 you always felt power, because the main character gave away that feeling of power. He was larger, more muscular and really made one believe in the universe through his personality.

This gay emo child Ninja Theory created couldn't possibly appeal to fans of the series because he just doesn't resonate with the universe.

They were trying to create something different aswell, right? Well nothing really stood out. The gayness and awkwardness of the emo child overshadowed anything new they were trying to put into the gameplay. Frankly, the visuals artstyle and everything else looked boring. Nothing really we haven't seen in past DMC games. So why not go all out when trying to create changes? This is a perfect case of raping a franchise... They say they try to create something different, when in reality it's the same exact gameplay and artstyle but they just fu**ed up the main character who was so great in past DMC games.. and really that was what the DMC games stood for, a really strong and appealing main character to fans. Without that... the game is nothing.

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MassOnesumis2748d ago

Resident Socom: Operation Advance Warfighter City.

bangoskank2748d ago

.............................. ............................... .....meh....................... ............................... ..

Zanarkand2748d ago

...I'll stick to Left 4 Dead. kthx

BeastlyRig2748d ago

I'll stick with Killing Floor. kthx

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