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sdtarm2746d ago

Devil may Cry used to be such a prosperous franchise

crxss2746d ago

I would take this game over DMC2 or DMC4 anyday.

gaffyh2746d ago

But you wouldn't take it over DMC1 or DMC3, meaning you agree that it is worse than those games.

limewax2746d ago

Nah, even DMC4 was better than this. The characters looked plausible at least, and you know what, Nero fit the world better than new Dante, thats saying something

DragonKnight2746d ago

@crXss: Then you're a fool. A fool entitled to his opinion, but still a fool.

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noprin2746d ago

I hate the new DMC...
I just hate it
god damit give my dante back ...

Leio2746d ago

Looks alright but i dont like this Twillight punk for Dante

Deadman_Senji2746d ago

No crap, he looks even more like a Twilight reject with his hair cut EVEN shorter than it was in the trailer last year.

What's next, they're gonna release another trailer and he's gonna be bald? mohawk? Just what the fuck are they doing?

reznik_zerosum2746d ago

shit like - "their truth is a lie" - and all that rebel stuff are just awful,game for 13 years old kid,bahhhhh
i mean dante was always "rebel" but not like that
emo-so_serious guy

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2746d ago

...Now, replace that with someone that's actually identifiable as Dante and replace the corny ass music-then we'll have a real Devil May Cry.

Wasn't impressed.

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MoDyDo2746d ago

So his white hair appears when he uses some kinda special power(Slow motion in DMC3)so till now it's not a part of his appearance, and also no rebellion, but we'll see it might end up to be good, or so I hope
Wouldn't rock music fit better in DMC?

MinusTheBear2746d ago

"special power" Wow what a noob, its called devil trigger.

MoDyDo2746d ago

Quicksilver – Allows Dante to slow time around him to slow down enemy movements, but preserve his own speed. I just forgot it's name
So actually this is not Devil Trigger(Transforms into devil) expert :)

Ser2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

That's not Devil Trigger...

Don't you kind of need to turn into...a devil?

White hair =/= Devil Trigger


Hey, I'm just going by what I know from playing the DMC series since the first game. Calling the new Dante's "special power" Devil Trigger just doesn't seem fitting.

Drekken2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Devil Trigger is a "special power". Dont be a gaming elite DB your whole life.

@drak my comment was towards minusthebear.

MinusTheBear2746d ago

The fact that his devil trigger seems to be the real Dante is confusing as fuck. Does this mean he is in a virtual reality? I hope so. 30fps will not do the franchise justice.

Agent Smith2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

This DMC's a reboot. It has nothing to do with the previous DMC's. They can pretty much change the backstory and appearance of Dante and still call the game DMC. Batman Begins rebooted Batman and Casino Royale rebooted James Bond. Though they should've remained true to the originals.

The_Devil_Hunter2746d ago

I thought they said it was an origin story...

Eamon2746d ago

yeah they never quite clarified if it was a completely new story or an origins story.

The_Devil_Hunter2746d ago

@ Eamon

Yeah thats tru, I remember a while back ago one Capcoms representatives said it was an origin story, and plus it makes sense for it to be but man, did Dante really need a drastic change for it?

VileAndVicious2746d ago

Its not too confusing if you really stop and think about it. The whole trailer stuff is written all over the walls like this world is a lie and don't accept what you see as truth. I think its pretty obvious what they are getting at. From what I gather from that trailer and their interview from last year is that this is the same Dante from all the previous devil may cry game this is probably just him growing up learning that he has powers.

I think that either Dante is under a spell or in a reality that he doesn't believe is the real world. The devil trigger thing is probably Dante as he really is which would explain why his hair turns all white during that sequence. So essentially the game will be about Dante finding out who he really is.

Looks like NT and capcom are trying to tell an interesting story. I think it looks good and I'll give it a shot.

Sonyslave32746d ago

now what haters this game look awesome

MinusTheBear2746d ago

It looks clunky as hell and doesn't deserve the name DMC. They should have just made a new IP.

maniacmayhem2746d ago

It looks "clunky"? What does "clunky" even mean?

Oh and let's not forget the "work in progress gameplay" disclaimer in the beginning.


MidnytRain2746d ago

"Clunky" is how a game *feels*. If you haven't played it, you can't truthfully say that.

BubbleSniper2746d ago

If it were a new IP, it would have been pretty awesome.

I may rent this just to kill emo Dante a few dozen times.

JayX6662746d ago

whats funny is it looks pretty faithful to the dmc series in turns of combat, as soon as you change anything, no matter how rustic and next gen, people will winge like babies. its people like these that stunts the gaming world and the risks developers take.

firelogic2746d ago

Yes it does look clunky. Even if it's a work in progress, they sure as hell deemed it worthy enough to debut their gameplay trailer at E3. The biggest gaming convention there is. I still have zero hope for this game.

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4pocalyps32746d ago

Still looks bad. Badass Dante > Emo Dante.

Hudahudahuda2746d ago

You say that like Dante from 2001-2007 didn't already look like a fruitcup.

4pocalyps32746d ago

Lol yeah that he did. But at least he wasn't a cross between Rihanna and....err someone....emo(?)

a_bro2746d ago

"now what haters this game look awesome"

Someone who hasnt played a DMC game before...

Sonyslave32746d ago

I own all the DMC Bro and this look good to me.

lol so i guess DMC 2 is better because Dante hair is white wow

a_bro2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

no, Devil May Cry 2 was just as bad. 1 and 3 were the best. Especially 3 before they had to revise it because it was too hard for place. I actually loved the challenge.