Joystiq looks at the WiiU controller

Joystiq writes: "You've seen the press conference, you've read all about the games in development for the Wii U, and now we've got our first hands-on with the Wii successor's enormous, crazy controller. We'll have a full writeup for you as the day goes on, but we figured you might wanna take a closer look at the pseudo-tablet right now."

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NewMonday2748d ago

its going to be awkward reaching for the buttons under the right analog stick

Joe29112748d ago

Can someone seriously tell me what it is, I missed Nintendos E3 conference, and my internet on campus is terrible and buffers about 3 seconds for every 5 minutes of my life :/ It looks like a portable device that works with the original wii, but I have no idea.

And yes, looks incredibly uncomfortable.

Inzo2748d ago

That is going to get uncomfortable after a while.

Zashule2748d ago

Just looking at those triggers makes my fingers hurt.

SYNTAXeRror2748d ago

I can see battery life at 2 hours max

zeal0us2748d ago

I thought playing with two hands on ipad or android tablet was hard/bad....well at this got physical controls

SpLinT2748d ago

that guys thumb is huge, no wonder he doesnt mind it.

zerox5052748d ago

that thumb looks flipping huge

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