IGN - Nintendo Misses a Golden Opportunity With the Wii U

IGN - With the reveal of the Wii U and its unique capabilities, a lot of possibilities open up. Demo reels showed players swinging Wii remotes while the Wii U controller was on the ground simulating the position of an actual golf ball, holding the controller like a shield to block arrows, and using the controller as a scope to focus on Miis wandering a building.

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Warprincess1162665d ago

So you would pay 60 bucks for a game where you just take pics of pokemon. Wow...

EYEamNUMBER12665d ago

they missed out on not actually showing their new console

showing the control was great sure but EVERYONE just wanted to see the actual console and what it will do

SilentNegotiator2665d ago

"but EVERYONE just wanted to see the actual console and what it will do "

LOL, yeah. But the third party games were ps3/360 footage, and the Zelda game was conceptual...possibly not even running on the WiiU.

tigertron2665d ago

I love your avatar. Have a nice day.

*Off topic*

Dart892665d ago

And you would pay $60 for the same game every year *cough COD cough*.

ElementX2665d ago

Or Fifa, Madden, NHL, whatever baseball game it is (hell if I know!)....

metsgaming2665d ago

sounds like pokemon snap for N64, that was an intersting game

NYC_Gamer2665d ago

they missed out on showing us they could create new original software and giving us some real type of info on the console

HeavenlySnipes2665d ago

the conference, but judging from the articles, it seems that Ninty only showed that controller/tablet over the actual console. Why the hell would they do that?

Raf1k12665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Looks like they're using a white psp as a controller to me.

edit: TBH, I wouldn't be surprised to see Sony doing something similar with the Vito and PS3.

edit2: lol yeah sorry, Vita.

MaxXAttaxX2664d ago

Sony already displayed PSVita games compatibility with PS3.
As in stop on one system and continue right were you left off on the other.

jacksonmichael2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

No, yeah, I'd veto the Vita too.

Edit: See what I did there? :)

dgonza402665d ago

i just thought of bam when you put vito lol

tunaks12665d ago

The whole conference was a missed opportunity.

How about bringing Xenoblade and TLS to the west?
How about showing SS at the dam conference.
And How about some actual details on WiiU? Not some pirate shielding game.

Aside from the opening Zelda 25th anniversary it was a pretty boring conference.

Kos-Mos2665d ago

Both games you mentioned are on their way. Keep yourself updated with news.

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The story is too old to be commented.