Wii U – that’s not all! More details coming tomorrow – including online

VGD: "So Nintendo’s finally revealed its new Wii U console in LA this morning, and answered several of the questions we’ve all had on our minds. But certainly not all of them… Speaking just a few minutes ago after the press conference, NOA boss Reggie revealed that further details are still to come this week - most importantly, he suggested, details of Nintendo’s online plans."

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Trunkz Jr2747d ago

Watch it be a yearly Subscription like 360, which can be good or bad depending on who you are.

EvilDonkey2747d ago

From what I have gotten of small bits here and there, its going to be a more open version of PSN/LIVE.

So that FIFA 2012 is hosted on EA's own servers. Just like dedicated servers on the PC.

So I am guessing its not Nintendo, but the 3. party that will charge money, if any.

Maxned2747d ago


There's a reason you have 1 bubble.

StarCSR2747d ago

How about freaking yesterday!