Battlefield 3 classes revealed

DICE has revealed the details of the new classes in Battlefield 3. While there are still 4 classes, their load-outs have been tweaked, with the Assault and Support classes getting the biggest changes.

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Killzone3Helghast2749d ago

assault/medic combination is kinda lame ..

I_find_it_funny2749d ago

i've been a medic for years now.... I swear to adapt to new challenge and not let my buddies down


joydestroy2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

yeha man, i'm just looking forward to playing with a good team on there!

edit: getting back on BFBC2 tonight for some good team play

Biggest2748d ago

I am glad they went back to that "combo" personally. It's a little more realistic. Ask any real life medic/corpsman what weapon they carry. I loved my M16/M4.

SJPFTW2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

they didnt combine. riflemen can either be assault or medic depending if you take a grenade launcher over the revive kit or vice versa. cant have both at the same time

frostypants2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

No, taking LMGs away from medics HAD to happen, and they've done it. Thank the lord. Giving one class the most powerful guns AND the ability to heal was a horrible design decision.

Still, I think they need to apply a bigger penalty for carrying the revive kit, beyond simply not having a grenade launcher. The grenade launcher is useful, but not so much so that many people would take it over a revive kit (at least based on how they worked in BFBC2).

Also, I hope they remove the ability for medics to self-heal.

I am also concerned that this will do nothing to discourage people from using medics as an offensive fact, it will do the opposite. What is truly needed is a dedicated medic class, that is given a weaker weapon so that they are encouraged to focus on healing.

@KeiserSosay4788 below: Yeah, they had an M-16 in BF2, and they were also their own separate class. Medics weren't the OP'd mess they are in BFBC2. I think BF2 got the classes right...I wish they'd just go back to that.

KeiserSosay47882749d ago

didn't medics in BF2 have an m16?

Elwenil2749d ago


I totally agree 100%. The medic class with LMGs is one of my main complaints about BC2 and I am damn happy to see that they are changing it.

Now if they have a mode like Rush, I hope they change the "Pick Up Kit"/"Activate M-Com" buttons to separate buttons I will be really happy.

zeal0us2748d ago

I don't see the class for me
"camper" class just messing

Wish there was more classes.

DigitalxPiracy2748d ago

Medics should be mobile so I think the Medic/LMG combination was kinda dumb. I think it's a fine change.

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spektical2749d ago

hmmmm im not big on the whole assualt not being able to hand out ammo... it just now means i need a buddy to be support.

SJPFTW2749d ago

that is how it was in the original Battlefield 2. Support dished out ammo, and medics carried rifles. no biggie

frostypants2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

BF2 also had a separate assault class from support and medics. And if I recall, medics had semi-auto pea shooters (maybe that was just for US forces).

BF2 had SEVEN different classes, so they didn't have all this ability-bundling. Anti-Tank, Medic, Assault, Engineer, Support, Snipers, and Spec Ops/Recon. I miss that.

@CaptCalvin below: Yes, they were M-16s...but they were semi-auto. No spray-n-pray.

Pandamobile2749d ago

So many people that have never played BF2 or BF2142 -_-

Ducky2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Which is why I fear the backlash BF3 might get upon release (or even during the beta)

Right now it's riding the hype wave... but a lot of it's 'supporters' have never played a BF game outside of BadCompany.
I don't think they fully understand what kind of game this will be. Then again, who really knows when there's been only a small MP tease?

spektical2749d ago

i have.
I just never understood/liked the point of this. Unless I played with good teammates, I usually just did my own thing capturing flags, and the assualt class made it somewhat hard to do without resupplying.. but hey thats why you pick up your enemies kit ;)

soundslike2749d ago

Hopefully they don't hang back too far. It will negate any usefulness if they are constantly making assault guys stop assaulting, run back to where the support guys camping out, and lose the advantage they just fought for.

Support needs to be mobile or people will just be selfish as usual.

SJPFTW2749d ago

its funny because riflemen are like 2 classes. you can carry a grenade launcher and become an assault class, or carry a revive kit instead and become a medic class. also support can also carry assault rifles, so there are more classes here than in bc2. so its deeper class wise

frostypants2749d ago

I think it went out the window when they decided to make some of the maps into smaller-scale skirmishes.

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