No PS Vita For Europe This Year?

Jack Tretton has suggested we may not see PS Vita this side of Christmas after all.

The Sony Computer Entertainment America boss was speaking during a live interview on GameTrailers. Host Geoff Keighley asked him whether Vita will ship globally this year. Tretton said yes - this "fiscal" year

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TheKindRoost2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

maybe during Leipzig gamescon 2011 maybe?

farhad2k82720d ago

Well ShopTo claim that it will come out on November 4th for the UK which is a part of Europe?
Check out their website.

extermin8or2721d ago

Does this suprise anyone europe ALWAYS get this sort of thing last at least from sony anyway...

Captain Tuttle2720d ago

You're right. And Europe is always Sony's biggest market.


extermin8or2720d ago

Their excuse is always the different language barrier but then surely the english speaking countries I.E: UK should be able to get a release the same time as USA.... as thats all done in english anyway :S and usually I dins the instructions ect are written in 5 different languages no matter where you buy it from and every system usually has loads of language choices too... so really it doesn't quite make sense :(

DJMarty2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Sonys 2011 fiscal year ends march 2012, they never said it would, only that one region would. Likely Japan.

All regions out by end of 2011 fiscal year was said, which ends march 2012.

despair2720d ago

Actually in the Sony conference, they said it was coming end of the year and thats all. No mention of a single region only, that was just rumors beforehand.

VampiricDragon2720d ago

you didnt even listen to them how sad

They said they would START to roll it out at the end of 2011

Meaning not everything will be here.

They said it clearly

despair2720d ago

maybe they did, but I heard coming end of 2011, it was a long conference can't exactly expect me to remember the exact words they said and even so its not a definitive statement that its one region only. Doesn't matter, when it launches I will be getting one anyways.

IRetrouk2720d ago

they actually said holiday 11, after confirming prices for all three regions, not 1 region was mentioned specificaly

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