Wii U Specs Comparison

With the Wii-U announced today, how does it stack up against the current-gen consoles?

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fluffydelusions2747d ago

No Blu-Ray just confirmed by Regi

guitarded772747d ago

Ok... I'm still a bit confused. Is this the new console or is this the controller for the new console? If this is the new console, what are all those images we saw before. I just need some clarification.

superadvanced2747d ago

graphics chip? details of the "IBM Power based CPU? RAM?

NukaCola2747d ago

I assume the Wii U works like a hub, and all your data works off the controllers. They look really expensive.

theonlylolking2747d ago

It is a new game console. That screen is the controller.

fatstarr2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

if you go by the leaked devs kit

3.5 ghz tri core ibm chip
and a mid tier specialized 4xxx series ATI radeon card over clocked.

1.5 gb of ram

pretty sick for pure gaming

but thats just the rumored specs

Perjoss2747d ago

sounds like 3 times the ram of ps3 and 360? but yeah, just a rumour I suppose.

sikbeta2747d ago

There are NO specs at all, the guesstimation for the last couple of weeks was made up and nothing concrete...

inveni02746d ago

I've been reading impressions of the graphics tech demos, and people are pretty unimpressed so far, though they say that the experience is pretty cool with lots of potential.

ikkokucrisis2746d ago

Wow, so what happens if you accidentally throw that guy into your HDTV?!

somerandomdude2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

IBM Power-based multi-core processor

ok... Why aren't they listing the core number and procesor speeds?

Graphics card... Not even listed

Those are the most important parts to compare.

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darthv722747d ago

nintendo doing their own thing. Nothing wrong with that.

LocO_o2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Mark my words - Sony and MS will bring out something similar next year when they see this Wii 2 thingy selling like hot cakes.

Edit: Before you hit the disagree botton think about the Wii and how MS and Sony started to care about motion.

As much as I hate Nintendo for going all casual, no one can deny that they set the trends this gen for the other 2 to follow.

LocO_o2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Sony should have made the NGP (Vita...h8 that name)compatable with the PS3. This way we would have been able to use it as a controller for the PS3.

eDIT: Infact they could have use this to work around the cross game chat paten that MS has.

The NGP has built in Mic and its own reources so this is very possible. This would also make people want to buy the NGP if they want cross game chat.

sikbeta2747d ago

Sony can make the PSV to work the same way as the new N controller, if they want to follow the same route...

kikizoo2746d ago

"and how MS and Sony started to care about motion."

eye toy, freestyle sidewinder, etc say hello.

non-gamer, childs, started to care about motion controler, and the cheapest console available...not gamers and sony or even microsoft.


Sony said back in Playstaion Meeting (January) that NGP would interact with PS3 further than what PSP does... In fact PSP already works with a kind of advanced remote play connection for some games as a controller. And earlier this year a employee blogged about a Sony rep comments on using NGP for PS3 as a controller with advanced functions (like using the touchscreen).

So yes, basically they more likely than not were already planning this or will be planning now since Ninty showed... Either way, it's almost a given that PS3 will have a similar experience in some games here and there (specially for some exclusives).

I can be wrong, but time will tell.

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gamesmaster2747d ago

gaah, show me actual hardware specs, im not excited about this at all until we see some concrete numbers related to GFX etc

showtimefolks2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

the specs other than not having bluray looks pretty good.

we need more info and will get it in time i guess


oh ok thanks

EYEamNUMBER12747d ago

no reggie said its gonna use a proprietary thing that meets todays space needs

Shadow Flare2747d ago

Even if WiiU is more powerful, barely any nintendo 1st party titles will use that power, so what's the point? They're mostly cartoony looking games from the class of 2001. Third party titles will most likely basically look like their ps3 and 360 versions. And ps3 and 360 exclusives DO take full advantage of their consoles power. Graphics aren't going to be much of a selling point for Wii so the controller better be good. I'd even wager that uncharted 3 will look better then anything on wiiU for a long time

Knghtz2747d ago

Why do you just automatically assume Nintendo won't take advantage of their own hardware?

Good lord...

Shadow Flare2747d ago

I'm not expecting mario, donkey kong or any other nintendo character to suddenly look like the movie Avatar. Nintendo will always keep those games looking cartoony. There's only a couple of nintendo franchises I can think of where they'd go for the realistic look. You think they'll make a mario game look like uncharted? Most of nintendos franchises wouldn't push the graphics boat, that's all I'm saying

LCF2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Thing is with this console (if specs are correct) Most if not all 1st party Nintendo games could output 1080p 60fps. Because most of their 1st party games were never resource demanding and pretty simplistic in design. Example would be like Mario Galaxy 2 game engine just running at 1080p @ 60fps with maybe 8x anti-aliasing.

My concern would be the controller. The heat and weight of it might be too much to hold for an hour stretch.

Arnon2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Go play Mario Super Sluggers. It's exactly what they did with that game, and it's on the Wii. Character models weren't rendered very high, so environments heavily resemble some of the Uncharted environments.

You really would be a tool to believe Nintendo won't take advantage of their OWN console.

kneon2746d ago


And what is the battery life going to be like? It's either going to be really heavy because of the bigger batteries, or it's going to need recharging often.

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pepsilover_20072746d ago

No bluray, but nintendo has said that the disc is higher density then the old wii discs so in capacity it will more than likely be around the 25 GB mark which should be plenty

Scary692746d ago

I don't know this looked like the Vita except its a bit bigger whoopi doo.

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Drekken2747d ago

Nice specs... how about ram and processing speed? Give us something to go by... this article is the most generic clump of info ever.

andron2747d ago

Well it's just a copy and past of the posted specs on Nintendos web site. That is all that is known so far...

tplarkin72747d ago

The specs must be sub-par, like the Wii. Nintendo never revealed the specs for Gamecube 2. They're not going to release specs for Gamecube 3.

VampiricDragon2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

the creator of darkstalker 2 said the wii 2 is more powerful.

majiebeast2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Until i see specs i call bs.

VampiricDragon2747d ago

well I am only going off what he said right now

forcefullpower2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

They also contradict themselves in the same paragraph.

Wii U ports will not necessarily be inferior to other versions of a multiplatform game. The says. that its more powerful.

How can you have something not necessarily be inferior but say that its more powerful!!

I noticed that all the devs seemed to be very sketchy on how powerful the console will be.

phantomexe2747d ago

Durr thats up to how much time the devloper wants to put in it.If they just want to port it from the PS3 or XBOX then it will be the same, if not then it will be a ground up project. How do you not get that? Did you watch the interview with regg head on GT?

fatstarr2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Vigil also believes that Wii U ports will not necessarily be inferior to other versions


or like how the ps3 port of the wii dead space is inferior...

I mean if the devs that made the conduit work on the wiiu im sure we will see magic

they poured their hearts to get those graphics from the wii while other devs didnt.

You Noob2747d ago

some devs told the same about 3DS year ago

Nes_Daze2747d ago

Honestly, all I see is a 3DS combined with the Wii. I thought Nintendo was going to blow me away, but this, not so much, just to say the least..

B1663r2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I was expecting to see really explicit evidence that this device produced at least slightly nicer graphics than the existing devices. From the images so far, I am not convinced it is even as powerful as the 5-6 year old current crop of HD consol?es...


Ok, in three months the PS3 will be 5 years old, you happy yet

waterboy2747d ago

where are you getting this 5 year, sony ps3 isnt 5 years yet, and consoles hardware is always designed and built for future past its release year, so 5 4 3 years isnt a good judgement of time

phantomexe2747d ago

It runs games that aren't out yet. Do you like icecream.....i like icecream.....{Drools on self}

FFXI1012746d ago

It looks more like a tablet to me than a controller XD