First 1080p screenshot of Zelda's Wii u Tech Demo.

First Zelda Wii u tech demo 1080p image
Wii u was presented today
Here's the first FULL HD creenshot.

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BubbleSniper2748d ago

tech demo, running on the engine. I don't believe this is CG.

DatNJDom812748d ago

It would be nice to play a grown up Zelda. What they showed has definitely impressed me. Can't wait to play it.

kikizoo2748d ago

It's a tech demo...

and with the same size/video, xbox and most of all can do the same (or even better) so..meh ?

Rumor2748d ago

zelda is the dont play zelda. you play link

JsonHenry2748d ago

And yet, even with new hardware it isn't as good looking as Uncharted. Doesn't say much for the hardware specs they are keeping so tight lipped about.

DeeZee2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

It's not as good looking as Uncharted because of the art direction, but trust me... in the hands of the right developer they probably could produce a game for Wii U that could blow Uncharted 3 away graphically.

But that's not saying much since the PS3/Xbox 360 are starting to show their age. I know a lot of fans don't want to admit that, but it's the truth. Both consoles are still good though.

theonlylolking2748d ago

The graphics are not as good as uncharted but the art direction of the game is better.

Depending on the specs of the console will determine if it will blow UC3 graphically.

moparful992748d ago

@DeeZee spoken like a true nintendo fanboy... Totally dissmissing years of console defining graphics based on a tech demo for a console that we don't even know the specs for.... Yea it will def. blow UC3 away /s

cjflora2748d ago

I think he meant playing a grown up Zelda game. As in a Zelda game made for grown ups.

FACTUAL evidence2748d ago

who wanna bet we won't see any games looking this good on wii u? Bet my extra ps3.

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richierich2748d ago

Looks impressive but is it actually ingame?

Balflear872748d ago

I bet it is, look closely at the screenshot, i can see facts that MLAA is being used :)

slavish32748d ago

no its not ingame go to when they ask about if its tech demo or cgi ... he says we don't like using those terms its a "EXPERIENCE LOL"

SuperLupe2748d ago

Its what the machine is capable of producing. Cant expect anything less than this.

yoshy12122748d ago

With the tech demo you can control the cameras view point with the new controller. As I was watching a video on youtube with someone playing the tech demo the guy said it was all being rendered on the Wii U in real time.

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Sonyslave32748d ago

Yeah it is knowing Big N

NukaCola2748d ago

Nintty has finally achieved greatness.

ElementX2748d ago

I think they've achieved greatness numerous times in the past....

NukaCola2748d ago

true but not this gen. I correct. Nintty back to core Nintendo gaming!

ElementX2748d ago

The DS was a smashing success...

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fatstarr2748d ago

im sure its running live

its just showing what the system is capable of

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