Who Won E3?

So who won E3? The GamerSheep community gives their opinions about who won E3.

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Kran2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Sony did.

1. Sony showed a lot of content, and showed us what the NGP can do, and in their conference, they got the audience involved a lot more than previous conferences. As Gloomy said in the comments, it was the least disappointing.
2. Nintendo is next and they showed something new and interesting that core gamers may come to love, but they didn't show us ANY demos at all.
3. Microsoft is after that. They showed us a lot of games (some for core gamers with a Kinect), but they didn't have any new hardware. But there was a lot of software, and the fact that the Kinect is getting a tech upgrade is great
4. EA showed us a lot of content from some games many of us will be looking forward to. They had a few demos to show is which was brilliant, but it just lacked something. I dont know what...
5. Ubisoft bored people a little bit and was a little ridiculous at times, and there were some titles they just did not show that many wanted to see.

And that is my ranking ;)

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LOGICWINS2720d ago

Yeah, I'd agree that Sony had the best conference..but overall, this was the worst E3 I've ever seen.

Lovable2720d ago

I agree...I mean, let's be honest here...It's not a good year for E3...But who suck less? Prolly Sony JUST CAUSE of the PSP Vita price tag. That pretty much save them...

soundslike2720d ago

...and it was hyped and streamed more than any other lol

TBH though, the best quality about E3 is being on the show room floor PLAYING the games. I'm sure its going to be the best E3 for a lot of people playing the games they've been hearing about for so long, just not as surprising.

STONEY42720d ago

Yeah, this year it's picking the best from 3 extremely lame conferences. Sony did the best, but was still very boring. Everyone focused way too much on portables and peripherals.

JohnnyMann4202720d ago

Nooo. the worst year was like 4-5 years ago when they weren't even in that convention center. Do you people forget about that horrible year?

jdfoster002720d ago

The gameplay for uncharted 3 blown me away. When they showed that we knew Sony would win. But yeah worst E3 in a while. It also shocked me how bad nintendos E3 was

Theonetheonly2719d ago

why was sonys the best?

i have watched all 3 multiple times. and i really dont see that sony is the best.

what bias man holy shit, they were all mediocre.

its like being the smartest retard why argue over it.

everyones become a f*&^in football announcer

"well the ps3 came in strong, then lost in the second quarter, to that ultimate move by nintendo"

whatever, i like e3 and i was happy to hear news. i dont give a S&^T who everyone thinks won. i just came to talk about it. :)

paintsville2719d ago

Well duh. If you ask that question on here it'll be a overwhelming win for SONY. But the truth of the matter is that there wasn't a clear winner. It was the worst E3 ever.

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Nes_Daze2720d ago

I agree, although not by much, I think Sony's was the least they won.

TheDivine2720d ago

No nintendo dominated, the only thing sony did was announce vita at 249 (which is great) but other than that they demod uncharted, resistance exc. They announced a few games but i dont like any of them. Nintendo had a bada** console, showed the support out the gate, anoounced when all the good games will hit the 3ds. Ms was average. I guess it wasnt the best. At least nin had suprises, i like the wii u myself.

Brasi822720d ago

Meh, I meant to hit agree but hit Disagree! Why no take backs!

MysticStrummer2720d ago

Sony's TV was more of a wow than Nintendo's console.

NatureOfLogic2720d ago

nintendo did win. Im happy that nintendo finally join the HD consoles(360,PS3). The only reason I don't own a wii has been killed. Plus the Wii U is more powerful than the 360.

fatstarr2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Money on the mark

Sony was resistance sequel uncharted sequel and sequel. that

Microsoft needs not be mentioned

Nintendo just turnd the key for the next gen
i was surprised by the system and the tech demo i expected less

overall this e3 was 6/10 almost as bad as 07 or the 08 e3.

Like everyone thinks the vita is gonna sell like hot cakes when its not.

Just_The_Truth2719d ago

the first hour of nintendos presentation was the 3DS and all the game like starfox, mario, etec aren't coming till holiday did we really need 25min of zelda. they didn't even talk about the wii(poor people) and the wiiU showning was horrible they didn't tell us anything about it and the only games that's official for it is Lego city something. Plus for those that didn't know the psp can do the same thing through remote play except you can be anywhere in the world.

SuperStrokey11232719d ago

what was badass about the wiiU? Seriously what? They didnt actually show ANY support, lots of it isnt even games that will be made and some of the "support" is probably not even going to come out on the system. I see nothing badass about it at all, all they showed was a goofy looking controller that has some great potential. Nothing else.

X-Alchemist2719d ago

haha sony and microsoft sucked this year honestly
Nintendo showed something worth talking about.
I honestly don't know how someone could possibly think that Sony's boring conference was a win.

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afterMoth2720d ago

Yup, Sony... but a weak E3.

Honestly it could have been Nintendo if anybody actually had a clear understanding of what they are doing.

MS wins for the 7 year olds and Kinect.

Nickster8002719d ago

Yeah, I agree Sony won. But it kind of annoys me because Sony's could have been way better, they still have a lot of games to show. What about agent and the last Guardian?

xPhearR3dx2720d ago

I have to say Microsoft. Not by much though.

MysticStrummer2720d ago

You have to say it? I guess the check cleared. MS was a distant 3rd.

jdfoster002720d ago

You must be come fanboy to say that. Even I agree microsofts was awful and I'm microsoft through and through. Sony won for definite. Microsofts was AWFUL. You must be delusional if you think it was good but insane to think it was the best... Are you human or just a 7 year old?

xPhearR3dx2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

So I have to be a fanboy to enjoy something more than you? Okay....what ever. I actually just enjoyed their conference more than the other 2. They showed me core games I will be able to use my Kinect with and still be able to use the controller. The new dashboard with features like Bing and Youtube were great. A new Fable game taking off in a new direction, plus Halo CE with online co-op support and returning MP maps. Games like Minecraft coming to XBL and of course Halo 4. They also had some kick ass gameplay of Gears 3. Overall it was a solid conference, but still not their best or even close.

Prototype2720d ago

@ MysticStrummer

I got a good laugh out of that comment :D

tehReaper2719d ago


Why do you have to lie and say you're Microsoft "through and through"? That's BS and you know it. There is not one positive comment in your history about them.

Here's a fun comment from your history:
"OR THIS? This is why I stay away from the xbox =p (sarcasm but still this freaked me out) He actually runs Microsoft? LMFAO PMSL

DeadIIIRed2719d ago

I own all three consoles and have to say I'm not impressed by any of them. I'm excited for Minecraft on the 360, but even Halo failed to excite me. The biggest let down was the lack of Battlefield 3 console footage and details.

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LocO_o2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

The casuals won E3.

Sony was ok but I guess the fact that so much NGP news was leaked it did not wow me.

MS had to0 much Kinect and we alrady knew that Halo CE HD and Halo 4 was comimg.

Nintendo needed to show me some gamr play fottage of BF 3 that rivals the PC version.

frostypants2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Nail on the head.

Can we all just agree on what we WANTED to see, even though for some it's probably subconscious? NEXT GEN SONY AND MS CONSOLES!

I think people believe that there was at the very least a shred of potential for these to be discussed (even people who say they aren't ready), especially given Nintendo's actions, and when they weren't, it just sort of left a small void.

Let's face it, we're waiting for those next big steps.

Lifendz2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

double post

fatstarr2720d ago

I can say that according to facebook the casual oppinion

nintendo is in 1st
sony is in close 2nd with microsoft on its heals

6k votes so far.

Now in my oppinion everyone was not themselves except nintendo. everyone sony and microsoft tried to be nintendo but its not working

this is the worst e3 yet but sony and nintendo saved the day with new hardware

Nintendo is saving the big guns for e3 2k12 when hopefully microsoft and sony will talk next gen

Nintendo is in first they get a B+ from me
Sony is in second they get a B+ as well
Microsoft is in last D-

gapecanpie2720d ago

Yeah most of the opinions here are gonna be one sided... should have a poll up on youtube or something...

Crystallis2720d ago

They were all pretty weak , but if I had to choose it would be Sony just bc of the Vita.

thehitman2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

I agree, from what we expected and what we got I think Sony did the best. Lets be serious there really wasnt anything to expect from Sony besides maybe 1 title I thought would appear being Agent. They had nice highlights new ps3 exclusives more footage of huge blockbuster titles Infamous2/UC3/Resistance3 all releasing THIS year even though we knew about them. Sony biggest flaw this E3 is that we knew what they were bringing mostly from the PS3 homefront and that there real shine was the PS Vita price point games and tbh that TV is fuking AWESOME. Not to mention Sony grabbed lots of exclusive content and 2 for 1 games that no one is talking about.

Nintendo I was sitting in my chair just waiting for them to awe me and it just didnt happen was immensly disappointed felt like they shouldve held the new console announcement for another convention and saved the real showing for next year... you cant really announce a new platform and dont have a working game demo running on it. Just bad and them focusing on the controller 60% of the conference was even worse just left people confused and the games they did showcase looked sub-par to their counterparts on other consoles.

EA has the multiplatform titles under lock nice of diverse titles and high quality titles from them all around they had a nice E3.

Ubisoft Ghost Recon looked cool other than that was just meh too.

Microsoft was just meh nothing good to say about them at all. Everything Kinect lot of rails/gimmicking things you can do w/o Kinect and if you are a 360 gamer Halo4 would excite you a bit because in all seriousness I think a lot of halo fans are jumping off halo and moved on to games like CoD and that even though halo is a blockbuster flagship title for MS its not what it once was and unless they release it on a new platform its just cow milking as of now.

Sony B
Nintendo C+
Ubisoft C+

gapecanpie2720d ago

For me Nintendo did but everyone got there own opinion .....

metsgaming2720d ago

Not Microsoft thats for sure.

hetz152720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

We, as gamers, win. Seriously; vita, uncharted 3, that beautiful 3d tv, some great games for 3ds, awkward yet interesting wiiu, halo 4 for the fans, and fist bump!!! Now I can dream about Phoenix Wright on wiiu, it will be epic

ILikeTurtles2719d ago

Nintendo won! sony's was boring and didn't have a single suprise + no butler, microsoft's was a fucking joke xD

hotrider122719d ago

my report

nintendo 9/10 "CONTROLLER" is new and innovative
sony veeta (vita) 8/10 was good looking forward to apps content.
MS and its crumbling 360 2/10 score.

DarkSpawnClone2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

No one really did this year,if i really had to pick i would have to say Sony but i was really unimpressed with all 3 of them,and the Wii U looks like a joke,this was the worst E3 i have ever seen tbh a huge let down.

PSV if your into handhelds that was cool,not sure I'm sold on it tho my last handheld was a gameboy advanced I'm not really interested in gaming on the go I like my gaming on my PC and PS3.

I would say all of them lost this one i wouldn't want to be called the winner of this E3 i would be too a shamed,still there are some great games coming out so I'm not too bummed out :P Skyrim,BF3,Uncharted 3,Resistance 3,Twisted Metal,StarHawk,dark souls and more there is lots to enjoy.

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MinusTheBear2720d ago

EA is definitely a monster. Major games on all platforms. They will become verrrry rich. But I believe winning E3 is usually limited the actual platform owners. So in that case it would be Sony.

Louis_Guzman2720d ago

Lol! Ea's been bleeding money for a while this gen. Check their financials the last couple of years, hilarious!

frostypants2720d ago

EA already had their glory days. What Activision is now is what EA used to be. However, it does appear that Activision is jumping the shark a bit, and EA may return to their former level of respect in gamers eyes.

KeiserSosay47882720d ago

EA definitely showed up with the BIG GUNS. I think its funny that you could say Nintendo, Sony, and EA in the same sentence for "winning" E3...

Bits-N-Kibbles2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Can't wait for BF3 and SSX:DD!

Prcko2720d ago

250$ vita
Excellent game lineup
Ps3 still going strong with awesome exclusive games!

whydoyouask2720d ago

I think Gamers won E3 actually...

Pixel_Enemy2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Sounds like loser talk to me

@whydoyouask - Sorry it just came across as (My favorite console didn't win so no one did, we all did!)

Roozium2719d ago

I bet you only have one console Pixel_Enemy.

Pixel_Enemy2719d ago

Lol I own all three consoles friend. D4rkNikon gamer tag, d4rknikon PSN I'd and a random number wii friend code