Rift Update 1.3 - Waves of Madness Trailer Rolls In

Trion World's fantasy MMO Rift will soon be releasing the new 1.3 update on June 22nd. Titled Waves of Madness, this update is in line to be Rift's biggest yet. In addition to a slew of new additions and changes to the exciting fantasy world, a new trailer has also been released.

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Cwalk8162746d ago

This game really intrigues me, I don't like the fact that your base can be attacked at any time if you're playing the game or not, but it has a handheld Demon's Souls feel to it.

jesscamegan2746d ago

Because your base can be attacked at anytime, I feel like I would become addicted to this (which may or may not be a bad thing lol). It does look pretty awesome, I think I might check out the free trial!

blackhrt862746d ago

I'm still trying to decide if I want to try this game out...

rmoar2746d ago

I played it and it is definitely worth a try. It's a very solid MMO. If you're interested, there is no reason you shouldn't try one of the free trials.

Saryk2746d ago

It's a good game. Rock solid game play and very few bugs. The only problem is that it's repetitive, but isn't all MMOS!

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