E3 2011: Playing the Wii U

It's the dawn of a new Nintendo generation. After five years of pursuing a "blue ocean strategy," the Big N is shifting to a new console, one that rivals (and potentially exceeds) consoles currently in stores. After months of having IGN's Nintendo team tracking down sources and bringing you a comprehensive picture of Wii's successor, I've finally had the chance to use the new controller and play demos on the system.....

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TacoTaru2745d ago

Maybe Ninty will open it's own AppStore and allow developers to create little games that play only on the controller.

Miiikeyyy2745d ago

that's a big controller maaan

Droid Control2745d ago

Remember the Dreamcast and original xbox controller?

Rememebr how bad they were to play with? Size matters - and big is not beautiful.

prdn232745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

actually, I wish to have one of these and the Vita.

AWBrawler2744d ago

lol always something to nag about