HDMI vs. Component - What's The Difference?

Amid a global spectrum of high definition format battles, none is so misunderstood as the debate between HDMI and component video. Some videophiles expect HDMI to completely outpace the "vintage" analog format, while true experts in the field know there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to each format. This article will give you a better idea of the technologies that make up these video formats, and prove that the differences are not as lopsided as you may think.

If you talk to any half-witted video enthusiast or ask an associate at your local big box retailer - bearing in mind that the two groups are pretty much the same - they'll unmistakably tell you that HDMI is better than component, case closed, end of story. This is just based on tired assumptions of the entire audio/visual industry.

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Mikey_Gee4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

This will at least do a bit of "Bull Crap" filtering

I know I see VERY LITTLE difference from Component to HDMI on my HD Satellite Box running into my 61" 1080p HDTV.

Only reason I switched to HDMI was the simple fact I got one cheap (about $15). I bought one for my buddy since I knew he just bought a MONSTER HDMI cable at a RETARDED price. He now has the $15 cable and back went the Monster.

If I could not have found an HDMI cable for under the $20 mark, I would still be running Component. I use my OPTICAL connection for Audio and do not use HDMI for audio at all.

VaNdAl4042d ago

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Some info about HDMI cables

Mikey_Gee4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

They sure are pushing it as the be all end all in video one.

I am not knocking HDMI, I am just saying ... IMHO ... I do think HDMI is a better quality ... but NOT by the huge margin many would like to think.

HOWEVER ... HDMI has far more restrictions.

--> DRM
--> HDCP

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WilliamRLBaker4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

nothing, there is pretty much no difference when it comes to the surface picture...ect

2 disagrees? why? because what i just said is fact.

When it comes to surface picture most true videophiles cannot tell a difference HDMI really only offers advanced signal support, content protection measures...ect

All of which are only enabled in movies, games do not benefit.

BLACKJACK VII4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

There is an advantage if the signal is 100% digital & 720P or preferably higher, but very little (for HDMI). For gaming, provided you use cables of the same quality, little to no difference.

I have a 1080p Samsung, I have hooked up $100 component cbls & a $100 HDMI cbl & I CANNOT tell any difference. Funny thing is, I actually think my $40 VGA cable looks slightly better than both, & that's what I run now. IMHO, if you have HD-DVD or BluRay, I would run HDMI for a slight upgrade in picture.

But I agree, in most cases, particularly for gaming, there is practically no difference.

EDIT: @Antiomo: "Take a pc and connect it to a flat panel that has component, vga, dvi, hdmi."

Sorry, but that is a completely different interface than home theater. A PC is inherently designed for a VGA output, even if it may support others. As for my point about me personally using VGA for my Xbox, I do not know why it is better, it probably has more to do with my Tv than anything. So, LOL, YOU "go on believing that" homeslice. Frankly, I trust my own eyes with my own equipment more than some random forum post - LOL !

Antiomo4042d ago

Take a pc and connect it to a flat panel that has component, vga, dvi, hdmi.

YOu will see that colors are not as vibrant on the vga and compoent connections.

DVI-d is essentaill the same as hdmi, and they are richer colors. Plus there is less thrashing when connecting a dvi connection vs the vga connection.

I think a pc is a much beter representation of how these interfaces output rather than the xbox.

WilliamRLBaker4042d ago

most PC monitors are capable of a higher Color output then any TV, Its called HIGHER auto calibration, DVI, and HDMI being digital afford a certain autocalibration then analog, if you take and calibrate your color settings on TV, or Computer monitor Component is just as good as HDMI or DVI in terms of the surface picture.

HDMI and DVI only afford movies certain special extensions in coding, and protection not games.


ironwolf4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

before HDMI was added as a standard on HDTVs, but it did have DVI. I hooked my satellite tuner up to DVI but ended up going back to component, as I honestly could not see a difference, and the component connections made hooking all my gear up to the A/V receiver easier.

To the jack ass that disagreed:
Wow! I guess I didn't hook my gear up that way. Man, I wonder what the hell made me think I did?

ReBurn4042d ago

My motivation for using HDMI is that it is the only way to get upscaling of DVD's on my PS3. Secondary to that, the HDMI cable takes up much less real estate than the five cables necessary to make up component, at least when compared to the 360.

As far as the difference between the picture using one or the other as far as games go, I really can't see any. My PS3 is connected via HDMI and my 360 and Wii are connected via component. They all look fine to me.

sandip7874042d ago

thanks for posting this, i did not know much about it.
im looking for a HDMI cable, some people say cheap ones are just as good, and others say you get what you pay for when it comes to cables. has anyone got suggestions of good cables please?
much appreciated..

ReBurn4042d ago

I got my HDMI cable from for $7.41 delivered. It seems to work just fine.

Mikey_Gee4042d ago

The nice part about HDMI being all digital, is it becomes much harder to BS about signal loss, noise ,etc, etc

If you signal is full digital, you will basically have a check sum at the start of the signal and a check sum at the end of the signal (all digital in "Ones" and "Zeros")

... so one of two things will happen.

1) the check sums will match and pass = you get a signal
2) the check sums will NOT match = you get NO signal

DO NOT LET SALES GUYS talk you into high prices HDMI cables.

Adriokor4042d ago I got this plus an optical cable and it is perfect.