Nintendo Reveals “Project Café” as New “Wii U” Console

MovieStinger: "If you were expecting Nintendo to reveal a new super console to go head to head and even beat PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, you’re most likely a little upset with Nintendo’s 2011 press conference."

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CaptainPunch2746d ago

U mad? Lol just kidding the name is pretty ridiculous to say the least.

dktxx22746d ago

The next next wii console is going to be called the "Them", I'm calling it right now.

Anarki2746d ago

I'd still go with "Wii U and him, and her" or "Wii u and 2 others"

paydayp2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

next one e3 in 3years wiiU2 (weyoutoo)

sikbeta2746d ago

At least put a *T* in the middle and you get "Wii-T-U" :P

It really was expecting MORE and it seems like they wanted to sell the Controller alone, because there wasn't any info about the device, not saying price, but at least some specs, or basic stuff...

nix2746d ago

@sibbeta: if they put "F" in the centre... it will be Wii F U. lol. q;

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king dong2746d ago

no specs, no price, no talk of the on-line... absolutely nothing. vague to say the least.

and i dont know if that controller is going to be even practical for playing say battlefield for example.

not impressed with what i saw in all honesty

LOGICWINS2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Unless they make it $150-$200, it will do miserably. Every third-party game they announced can be found on EXISTING PS3/360 consoles with better graphics.

The 3DS selling below expectations shows that people aren't falling for Ninty's bullshit anymore.

Morgue2746d ago

Tonight. I think I'm gonna sit in front of my TV and hold an Etch A Sketch in my hands, wave it around and see how quick I tired of it. Maybe weigh myself, pretend to catch fly balls and play golf, maybe even tennis. BUT if I can " PLANK " on it. Then I'm sold.

Reibooi2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Interesting you bring up the controller. Because the FIRST thing I thought seeing it was that it would be a pain to use as a normal controller for a core game. The analog sticks being above the face buttons alone makes me think I would never wanna use it(But i can't say for sure without holding it in my hands). It looks like it was designed upside down.

The price is also worrying. It's gotta have power in the console itself to equal that of a PS3 or 360 as we saw it playing games from those platforms. But then the controller seems to have a metric butt ton of tech in there and that's gonna jack up the price.

Not to mention the innovation they are trying to push with this controller is gonna be another Wii more then likely. Everyone looks at it now and goes well that's cool and interesting but that's what they said about the Wii before all the devs just ditched it because the games didn't work as well as they should and as a result didn't sell.

I see this working the same way. Sure they showed some interesting ways to use the controller but none of them are better ways to play. Using a normal controller in most of those situations is still the easier, quicker and better option.

Oner2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

By the time the Wii U releases the PS3 should be @ $199 and reportedly the Wii U is only slightly more powerful or equal to the PS3. So they will HAVE to price it competitively to be competitive...also I posted this a little while ago and feel it something that needs to be thought about ~

If you go by "WOW" factor then Nintendo "won" E3 for the Wii U announcement...but that is something for next year (most likely Holiday 2012). So now knowing that information, you would have to re-adjust to say that Sony "won" ultimately. Simply because they have the PS Vita coming THIS year along with NUMEROUS games THIS year.

The one thing I am going to also add is that I think Sony can have the real jump here...because if you think about it, the PSV should (in theory) do or offer the same kind of innovation that the Wii U controller has showed (in terms of connectivity & interoperability).

The difference being is that Sony has it THIS year. It's something people really need to start pondering, discussing & having an open mind about.

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fluffydelusions2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I'd like to know about the online system and how much those controllers will cost. I saw they are still using Mii's which is kind of scary. And the fact that 3DS still uses friend codes doesn't offer much hope.

stragomccloud2746d ago

3DS does use friend codes. But fortunately, it's one per system now, so it's just like your PSN name or gamertag..... except with a lot of difficult to remember numbers....

Nitrowolf22746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I don't think it'll be collecting dust, just from the thrid party games.We won't be going into next gen for xbox/PS3 for a while and from whats been shown many multiplat games are possible on Wii U. I expected a much smaller controller though.

They failed to say anything about price/Online.

Well its releasing 2012, i bet by the end f the year. So i expect next E3 i guess, or maybe this TGS.

chasegarcia2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

worst name eva lol. change name please. presentation was also weird. I was confused the whole time. I thought it was a wii add on or a tablet.

btw-I think the idea of a screen on a controller for a console is not too bad but, the name and graphics kill it for me. Also Sony can easily do this with PSVita and PS3 bundle.

Brasi822746d ago

I agree with the fact that the presentation was weird. To be honest, this E3 was one of the worst presented E3's in recent memory for me. Even with new systems, Vita and Wii-U, everything just seemed bland this year. Were is the spunk and excitement from last year? It was all ho-hum, in my opinion of course.

The Great Melon2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I was really hoping for some big announcements from Sony, but most of the stuff they revealed was expected or non-hype inducing--they basically showed good looking games.

I was hoping for another stunt like Twisted Metal. Even if the Vita looks like good handheld there wasn't enough bang to the presentation. As you put it, this E3 was fairly bland.

Oh well..... now I have to wait for the Tokyo Game show. Let's see what kind of games the Japanese are cooking up.

Valk2746d ago

Who ever wrote this isnt very bright at all. They must have missed the fact that no specs were given and what was shown was on par with PS3 and 360 already in the early stages of development. Even if it were twice as pwerful I'd seriously doubt any 3rd party devs are going to be putting the extra work in to showcase it at this early stage

sporteous1212122746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

How can you tell that it is on par with PS3 and 360? Did we see any gameplay other than the tech demos? For all we know all the videos we saw were pre-rendered.

Edit: Reggie just confirmed that all the videos from third party developers are from other consoles. Disagree with that!