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Submitted by MediaStinger 1707d ago | opinion piece

Nintendo Reveals “Project Café” as New “Wii U” Console

MovieStinger: "If you were expecting Nintendo to reveal a new super console to go head to head and even beat PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, you’re most likely a little upset with Nintendo’s 2011 press conference." (E3, Next-Gen, Nintendo DS, Wii)

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CaptainPunch  +   1707d ago
U mad? Lol just kidding the name is pretty ridiculous to say the least.
dktxx2  +   1707d ago
The next next wii console is going to be called the "Them", I'm calling it right now.
Anarki  +   1707d ago
I'd still go with "Wii U and him, and her" or "Wii u and 2 others"
paydayp  +   1707d ago
next one e3 in 3years wiiU2 (weyoutoo)
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sikbeta  +   1707d ago
At least put a *T* in the middle and you get "Wii-T-U" :P

It really was expecting MORE and it seems like they wanted to sell the Controller alone, because there wasn't any info about the device, not saying price, but at least some specs, or basic stuff...
nix  +   1707d ago
@sibbeta: if they put "F" in the centre... it will be Wii F U. lol. q;
SilentNegotiator  +   1707d ago
The "Wii He She Me WUMBO"
king dong  +   1707d ago
no specs, no price, no talk of the on-line... absolutely nothing. vague to say the least.

and i dont know if that controller is going to be even practical for playing say battlefield for example.

not impressed with what i saw in all honesty
LOGICWINS  +   1707d ago
Unless they make it $150-$200, it will do miserably. Every third-party game they announced can be found on EXISTING PS3/360 consoles with better graphics.

The 3DS selling below expectations shows that people aren't falling for Ninty's bullshit anymore.
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Morgue  +   1707d ago
Tonight. I think I'm gonna sit in front of my TV and hold an Etch A Sketch in my hands, wave it around and see how quick I tired of it. Maybe weigh myself, pretend to catch fly balls and play golf, maybe even tennis. BUT if I can " PLANK " on it. Then I'm sold.
Reibooi  +   1707d ago
Interesting you bring up the controller. Because the FIRST thing I thought seeing it was that it would be a pain to use as a normal controller for a core game. The analog sticks being above the face buttons alone makes me think I would never wanna use it(But i can't say for sure without holding it in my hands). It looks like it was designed upside down.

The price is also worrying. It's gotta have power in the console itself to equal that of a PS3 or 360 as we saw it playing games from those platforms. But then the controller seems to have a metric butt ton of tech in there and that's gonna jack up the price.

Not to mention the innovation they are trying to push with this controller is gonna be another Wii more then likely. Everyone looks at it now and goes well that's cool and interesting but that's what they said about the Wii before all the devs just ditched it because the games didn't work as well as they should and as a result didn't sell.

I see this working the same way. Sure they showed some interesting ways to use the controller but none of them are better ways to play. Using a normal controller in most of those situations is still the easier, quicker and better option.
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Oner  +   1707d ago
By the time the Wii U releases the PS3 should be @ $199 and reportedly the Wii U is only slightly more powerful or equal to the PS3. So they will HAVE to price it competitively to be competitive...also I posted this a little while ago and feel it something that needs to be thought about ~

If you go by "WOW" factor then Nintendo "won" E3 for the Wii U announcement...but that is something for next year (most likely Holiday 2012). So now knowing that information, you would have to re-adjust to say that Sony "won" ultimately. Simply because they have the PS Vita coming THIS year along with NUMEROUS games THIS year.

The one thing I am going to also add is that I think Sony can have the real jump here...because if you think about it, the PSV should (in theory) do or offer the same kind of innovation that the Wii U controller has showed (in terms of connectivity & interoperability).

The difference being is that Sony has it THIS year. It's something people really need to start pondering, discussing & having an open mind about.
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ImSoHeavy  +   1707d ago
lol iMad
fluffydelusions  +   1707d ago
I'd like to know about the online system and how much those controllers will cost. I saw they are still using Mii's which is kind of scary. And the fact that 3DS still uses friend codes doesn't offer much hope.
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stragomccloud  +   1707d ago
3DS does use friend codes. But fortunately, it's one per system now, so it's just like your PSN name or gamertag..... except with a lot of difficult to remember numbers....
Nitrowolf2  +   1707d ago
I don't think it'll be collecting dust, just from the thrid party games.We won't be going into next gen for xbox/PS3 for a while and from whats been shown many multiplat games are possible on Wii U. I expected a much smaller controller though.

They failed to say anything about price/Online.

Well its releasing 2012, i bet by the end f the year. So i expect next E3 i guess, or maybe this TGS.
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chasegarcia  +   1707d ago
worst name eva lol. change name please. presentation was also weird. I was confused the whole time. I thought it was a wii add on or a tablet.

btw-I think the idea of a screen on a controller for a console is not too bad but, the name and graphics kill it for me. Also Sony can easily do this with PSVita and PS3 bundle.
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Brasi82  +   1707d ago
I agree with the fact that the presentation was weird. To be honest, this E3 was one of the worst presented E3's in recent memory for me. Even with new systems, Vita and Wii-U, everything just seemed bland this year. Were is the spunk and excitement from last year? It was all ho-hum, in my opinion of course.
The Great Melon  +   1707d ago
I was really hoping for some big announcements from Sony, but most of the stuff they revealed was expected or non-hype inducing--they basically showed good looking games.

I was hoping for another stunt like Twisted Metal. Even if the Vita looks like good handheld there wasn't enough bang to the presentation. As you put it, this E3 was fairly bland.

Oh well..... now I have to wait for the Tokyo Game show. Let's see what kind of games the Japanese are cooking up.
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Valk  +   1707d ago
Who ever wrote this isnt very bright at all. They must have missed the fact that no specs were given and what was shown was on par with PS3 and 360 already in the early stages of development. Even if it were twice as pwerful I'd seriously doubt any 3rd party devs are going to be putting the extra work in to showcase it at this early stage
sporteous121212  +   1707d ago
How can you tell that it is on par with PS3 and 360? Did we see any gameplay other than the tech demos? For all we know all the videos we saw were pre-rendered.

Edit: Reggie just confirmed that all the videos from third party developers are from other consoles. Disagree with that!
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ChickeyCantor  +   1707d ago
somwhere at the end you clearly hear on say
"This new controller for Wiiu"
Prcko  +   1707d ago
This is just lame
and what is that anway??
femshep  +   1707d ago
name maybe silly but they have some major devs behind them so hopefully we see progress
Jacks_Medulla  +   1707d ago
They have major developers supporting it with current generation games. I don't expect much progress.
femshep  +   1707d ago
whyy if current gen games can play on it isnt that a step in the right direction at least?

all i know is that it sparked enough attention for me to keep my eye on it
Series_IIa  +   1707d ago
I've always wanted a dinner plate controller.
fluffydelusions  +   1707d ago
Right...thing is the size of the iPad. Who wants to hold something that big while gaming??
shaun mcwayne  +   1707d ago
ipad owners.
inStereo  +   1707d ago
Um... people who play games on an iPad?
Brasi82  +   1707d ago
I'm pretty sure they took the name Wii U to keep the casual's happy and to let them know "Hey look we are the next Wii buy me!" Makes since from a marketing stand, it's pretty much the same reason PlayStation and X-Box keep there name as PlayStation 2,3, X-Box 360, ect. It's all for marketing. I'll just call it Nintendo myself haha.
VampiricDragon  +   1707d ago
@ trolls

Theres still 1.5 years before this even launches. Theres another E3 in there

DQ joker 2 won it for me.
JeffGUNZ  +   1707d ago
That's a terrible arguement. If they weren't ready to show something that was mind blowing or show some actual games playing on it, then they shouldn't have presented it at this E3. That like me saying I am working on the best game you'll ever play and show you concepts to it. It's doesn't mean anything yet. It's pointless to show this product off when they don't really have any games running on it. This is a gimmick and Nintendo is just using the "wii" name to generate more income and milk the Wii fad before PS4 and the Nextbox is released.

Seriously, you really think this "next gen" nintendo console will hang with the next generation Sony and Microsoft system?

I was truely hoping this system would deliver, but as of now am I completely underwhelmed and frustrated. What made the Wii so popular was the innovation of motion control. That fad is all but dying for them now. No one is going to care to purchase this system to the extent as the original, because it doesn't really improve or raise the bar in that direction. It has a gigantic contoller so you can play your game when someone else needs the TV, which is great for children, but not so practical for the averahe gamer.
VampiricDragon  +   1707d ago
admit it you would of never been satisfied because your a fanboy.

Nintendo showed the most exclusives out of any conference and even more afterwards
JeffGUNZ  +   1707d ago
Wait a second, I am a fanboy of what? I own all 3 consoles. hahah you're adorable though. It's ok to have opposing arguments. This consoles like span will be obsolete come lunch of the PS4 and the next-gen Xbox.

Looks like you're the Nintendo fanboy.
TKCMuzzer  +   1707d ago
And by that time Sony/Microsoft will be closing in. If the machine was more powerful than the current consoles Nintendo would want to show it. I expected more in terms of power, the PS3 and 360 are over 5 years old, surely technology has advanced.
I agree about the controller, you can't use that for long periods.
FearNoAngel  +   1707d ago
Umm... excuse me, do you have the WiiU... stupid name.
ForROME  +   1707d ago
Cool concept but not as a new console, very disappointed
Green_Ranger  +   1707d ago
Nintendo Ryu lol
JeffGUNZ  +   1707d ago
With the PS3 and 360 pushing eachother graphically and developers like crytek and naughty dog delivering beautiful games, this Wii U is a complete joke for a "Next generation" console. This should be mocked as an "uptodate generation console". This won't really compete with the current consoles and when PS4 and the Nextbox are released, it will blow this crap out of the water. Nintendo will not generate the sales for this system like it did for the original Wii.
mamotte  +   1707d ago
There's a new console, with power. All the 3rd party developers in the show said it. But anybody can have power, just buy a PC. Since Nintendo sells innovation, power is just an addon.
JeffGUNZ  +   1707d ago
Question is, do you really think this system will hang with the next generation Sony or Microsoft system? It seems like it's obsoleting itself before the actual next generation.
dennisannamant  +   1707d ago
wasnt the wii a dum name. i only see articles on this site complaining about wiiU but there are no articles complaining about psvita. names dont matter this thing will win
IRetrouk  +   1707d ago
sorry but dosnt have me convinced yet, whats with the wiimote being used as well as the new controler, is it a new console or not? it looks more like an add on than a new console, i wanted a proper controler, dont mean to be so down on it already but it seems to me like a wii plus, a controler with a screen is all well n good, but could you imagine holding that to play hardcore games? and no real games shown either, i hope nin can make this system affordable, if not i think it will sink. but thats just me, the wii wasnt for me and the way things are looking neither is this.
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TheTwelve  +   1707d ago
Wii U? What happened to Wii A, Wii B, Wii C, Wii D, Wii E, Wii F, Wii G, Wii H, Wii I, Wii J, Wii K, Wii L, Wii M, N O P Q R S and T? ---- just read that on Twitter, lol
mamotte  +   1707d ago
Obviously there's a new console attached to the controller. Since all the DEVELOPERS, you know, those people making games, clearly said it: more power, online, and obviously the wii doesnt do it.

The point is: we're talking about Nintendo, and the main focus was the controller, and what can you do with it. Want power? buy a great PC, anybody can have power now.

Always remember: Nintendo sells innovation, not power.

PD: Reggie said in an interview after the show, that there's a new console, but the main point is the controller. The console is there only to give it power to innovation. Not to innovate with power.

Cos, anyone can have power, right?
Tony P  +   1707d ago
That's a great party line, but it tries to imply that you can't have both. Sure you can. MS and Sony prove it (or at least try to) everyday.
SoapShoes  +   1707d ago
Innovation doesn't always mean fun and they haven't innovated any more than Sony or Sega(when they were still around).

Also will the Wii crowd be interested in this massive bulky controller as compared to the old simple wiimote? I think they're just making this for the sake of doing something different.
mamotte  +   1707d ago
And we have the "new" PS3 Move, and Kinect. And the power PC gaming had since a lot of time ago. So, what's that innovation, again?
Bellcross  +   1707d ago
And some of you guys thought PS Vita was bad lol!!
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Styxoric  +   1707d ago
The name is quite lulsy, the hardware itself seems to be awesome though.

Can't wait.
Tikicobra  +   1707d ago
I wanted to see some new games, but instead they teased at some awesome games and revealed that a bunch of previously announced games are coming to it. Why would I play Darksiders 2 on that thing when I could play it with a real controller?
jdfoster00  +   1707d ago
Didn't even show the console. Has no games. The games they announced are multiplats and will arrive 6-7 months LATE. Also I've heard this isn't as powerful as ps3 but is similar to the 360. Their E3 made me yawn. Boring = Nintendo
inStereo  +   1707d ago
Wow, it's amazing how much people know about how powerful it is when NO OFFICIAL SPECS HAVE BEEN RELEASED YET.
jdfoster00  +   1707d ago
I said 'heard' I didn't say it was right or true just 'heard' the word 'heard' suggests speculation... Someone speculated then that the specs would be lowered so the price tag can be cut. I hate the controller though. Still not for the hardcore... =/
bluegoblin  +   1707d ago
hopefully is at least as powerful as that tech demo with the bird. and zelda looked nice... early stages people. be hopeful
callahan09  +   1707d ago
Honestly the only things I saw have me excited from this E3 are the Vita and that small 3D TV from Sony. The Vita has me very impressed. It's priced right, it has so many features and control/input/ARG options that you couldn't ask for more, and it has great graphics and lots of great looking games coming to it. The LittleBigPlanet Vita game looks so amazing. The PS3/Vita compatibility features were cool too and I look forward to seeing more of Ruin and the new Wipeout game. The 3DTV excites me because my wife won't let me get a brand new full sized TV just 1 year after we got our last one, and she complains about it when I use our TV too much for gaming, so I'll get that little bad boy, finally experience my games in 3D, and have a small TV I can put it in the other room to enjoy my games without her complaining. It's the best of all worlds and the price is right for me, because I was going to buy Resistance 3 anyway. Microsoft didn't show a single thing that interested me and neither did Nintendo.
LolololRumz  +   1707d ago
So after the battle of the bad names...It seems Nintendo have caught up to this gen with a next gen console. So what happens when PS4/New Xbox comes around, the wiiU will look outdated again :/
pcz  +   1707d ago
wii u= wu
disappointed. controller looks like a fisher price toy like etcher-sketch. i think nintendo should move toward sophistication in their design.. this looks like it was design to survive being thrown at a wall. it doesnt look sleek or classy.. just tacky.

graphics looks very poor. did you see the golf game? the baseball game? EXACTLY the same as graphics on current wii.

im so disappointed

i just saw the demos, nothing beyond 360 really
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Brasi82  +   1707d ago
Did you see Ninja Gaiden, Battlefield 3, and the other games they showed? Reggie stressed the fact that pretty much everything they showed that was first party related was tech demo's.
HuGi  +   1707d ago
if its similiar to 360 its similiar to Ps3
deal with that already. Forza 4 looks better than anything on Ps3.

Wii u name kinda sucks lets hope for Zelda HD!
sporteous121212  +   1707d ago
Did you see the BF3 video? How about Uncharted 3? Forza could look better on PS3.
#28.1 (Edited 1707d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
anti-fanboy  +   1706d ago
BF3 was a Pc demo.
sporteous121212  +   1706d ago

The BF3 demo was actually switching between platform versions if you didn't notice.
Brasi82  +   1707d ago
Anyone else semi-worried about the analog stick being above the buttons on the controller? Just seems weird, and to be honest that is my biggest concern at the moment haha!
Grodd  +   1707d ago
I'll get the Vita for certain. Not so sure about the wwU.
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