New Super Mario Bros. Wii U – first screenshots

Nintendo released the first screenshots of Mario for the Wii U.

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matey2751d ago

wow this system is amazing

pcz2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

it looks horrendous.

yes im talking about the graphics. it looks no different to mario on the ds. all this talk about graphics on par with ps3/360 and wii get this garbage? come on, open your eyes! they are laughing at us! dont buy this.

its like a sick joke. mario deserves better

VampiricDragon2751d ago

dude.......its likely 1.5 years before this even sees the light of day....

waterboy2751d ago

if you mean graphics mario games will never stray too far away from this kind of graphics no matter how powerful a nintendo system gets

Shadow Flare2751d ago

Exactly so why would people buy this instead of a ps3 or 360? Nintendo could have the most powerful console in the world but their exclusives are mostly cartoony looking games.

If it's just about having great looking third party titles, that's not going to do a great deal for consumers considering they can get basically the same third party games on ps3 and 360, for probably a cheaper console price, bigger game library, and exclusive games that actual use the consoles power instead of clinging on to graphics that were impressive 10 years ago

swishersweets200312751d ago

i liked the first one, but this wont make me run out for WiiU. The graphics look no different then the first one.

etowntwo2751d ago

C'mon now.... It just as good as the Wii Mario game

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The story is too old to be commented.