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E3 2011 Star Wars the old republic mmo rpg beautiful but boring

boring?, this game is shaping up to be one of the biggest most expensive misfires in MMO RPG history, what? (PC, Star Wars:The Old Republic)

KeiserSosay4788  +   1300d ago
This guy sort of sounds like...idk...a DOOSHBAG. I'm hoping for this to be my first MMO, but if it turns out like this guy says...then WOW that would be terrible. I certainly hope not.
Fragger2k8  +   1300d ago
Well, you can't expect too much out of an MMO, 99% of them are insanely dull. I love BioWare, but I hate them for going with this MMO route with KotOR. *sighs* A real game, or games, would have been so much better.

Maybe it will turn out pretty decent, but I'm not expecting anything out of it.
gillri  +   1300d ago
yes most people wanted KOTOR, Mass Effect is a damn good replacement...but...why not both?
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Tony P  +   1300d ago
They really think they can reinvent the entire concept of MMO.

But from all I've heard it sounds like any other MMO you'd play, but with voiced dialogue.
MinusTheBear  +   1300d ago
This could easily destroy Bioware. They would be broken apart by EA if this game fails. I mean, 300 million dollars!?!?!
Nac  +   1300d ago
300 Million is a gross overestimate, EA has said it themselves. Nothing but rumors, thats all this guy is going off of.

And God forbid a game have a story; if you dont like that then you should stick to tetris.
Brasi82  +   1300d ago
moaradin  +   1300d ago
The whole EA louse thing is old, like a year old, and has been debunked months ago. Why is this being posted now? Almost every hands on impression with the game was positive.
Saryk  +   1300d ago
This article is full of it, nothing but speculation. Nothing concrete to back up what he is saying. This is not the news story you were looking for! Move along, move along!
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