Vitality Sensor for the Wii Still on the Horizon

The Vitality Sensor is the next step in keeping fit through video games. The sensor can read your pulse, and, through a connection with the Wii remote, will display the information it gathers to the screen and whichever title you’re using. This accessory will work hand in hand with many of Wii’s other products to make sure that you can continue to get a thorough workout with your Wii console

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sinncross2746d ago

Is this still even relevant anymore?

TheFodi2745d ago

It's still relevant if they're going to release it. Do you think everyone who uses their Wii for a workout is going to stop buying helpful accessories just because another console is coming out?

tunaks12745d ago

pointless, even if it was a good product- Nintendo didn't even acknowledge the Wii's existence aside from SS.