Wii U - Photos and Images from the Presentation

Check out some photos and images of Wii U.

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StbI9902627d ago

Wii U?????????????//// AND THEN U CALL VITA A BAD NAME, lawl. this thing looks suglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, smash bro for 3ds was a given i im gonna dig in.

BrunoM2627d ago

It felt like a let down .. I donno

Microsoft e3 was a let down all kinect stuff and all Thouse paid actors doing stupid shit plus no hard coke game yet ..

Sony was aight IMO kool trailers and all but ya the big point was the price for the vita and it will be out by years end ..

Nintendo errr piss me off I mean ok any one claps for Thouse old school games plus smash bros kill but damn that controller was kool looking but not that wow .. Reminds me of my galaxy tab lol

The new console no news specs or raw video of it's games pffff it sucks

Oo well let's see what next year brings us ...

Can't wait to have to have my hands on my 3G vita

meganick2627d ago

I was also disappointed about the lack of hard "coke" games. I need my fix darnit.

Oldsnake0072627d ago

I seriously think we all, media and consumers overhyped e3 .

But on the other side there was nothing big announced , all games we knew were already coming

maniacmayhem2627d ago

I agree with oldsnake. I think we expect every e3 to wow us with something that will make our eyes explode. Truth is we put too much thought into it.

GiggMan2627d ago

Nintendo's conference left me with more questions then answers. I'm gonna go lay down.

dexterganpot2627d ago

Wheres the actual Console thats just the picture of the Controller they never showed the picture of the Console

itzcoo2627d ago

here's the console relax it's a box like all the other consoles

nix2627d ago

well it was kinda... a let down. Sony n MS can breathe now.

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