T3 gives impressions on Nintendo's new machine

Gawp at Nintendo's next-gen home console

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showtimefolks2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

nintendo is back with great 3rd party support and when i saw the zelda in HD i shouted OUT LOUD SOLD lol

after a very long time nintendo has a lot of core gamers interested

can't wait to find out more. reggie told adam sessler on g4 the price will be about the same as when wii launched.

so now we will have 3 core console with almost same 3rd party support. the only difference will be 1st/2nd party titles and nintendo and sony has that covered too

time for MS to buy some small studios and invest some money into new Ips otherwise they will become the new house that kinect built

EYEamNUMBER12745d ago

what annoys me is that we still don't know squat about the system or what it can actually do all the footage they showed was 360 footage

i saw allot of the controller but that's not really a console reveal more a controller reveal

showtimefolks2745d ago

that console will have the next-gen specs and power to run full 1080p what they wanted to focus on was the experience its gonna provide when it launches

we just need more info and i think we will find out a lot more in the coming months.

one question i have for wii u can we just use the standard controller the new one or will it also have motion controls? I don't like to use motion controls it would work for me if we have a option to play every game with dual sticks and buttons


i have never played a full zelda game but i always had interest in it with this new console i may make the jump but don't say it sucks because for 25 years it has been one of the most beloved Ip's in gaming

other than that i am glad with 3rd party support hopefully price and launching window along with launch software will be good

I_find_it_funny2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )


2012 - Wii U launch with HD
2013 - PS4/next Xbx
2013 - Nintendo still inferior a year after launch, 3rd party support gone

andron2745d ago

How do you know it was 360 footage they showed? Any facts to back that up?

EYEamNUMBER12745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

reggie said that to geoff live on game trailers

you must really have nothing better to do if your spamming every nintendo article

andron2745d ago

Ok, that makes sense. Devs probably won't have come far on most of these titles for WiiU.

But the Tekken footage might have been WiiU footage. They showed drawing emblems and painting on the characters...

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theonlylolking2745d ago

Sorry to break it to you but zelda sucks.

L6RD7BLU32745d ago

Yeah I don't know why people are talking shi* about the WiiU it boggles me, people hate just to hate. I'm sold day 1

thetorontokid2745d ago

It's not that their talking shi* ... It's just it really didn't meet expectation of the consol reveal, just the controller, I mean who show's the controller but not the actual console. Just too many ????s They didn't really show any mind blowing gameplay graphics, to showcase the power of thus new yet to be released hardware! Woulda been nice to see a new 3d Mario game, 1080p maybe...

Armyntt2745d ago

I agree 100% TorontoKid. I was hyped for Nintendo too. Then they revealed this POS. Its getting released in 2012 when more than likely MS/PS4 or atleast one or the other reveals their next-gen and Nintendo is going to be way behind the curve again. I said this in a previous post, looks like VirtualBoy all over again.

BubbleSniper2745d ago

I'll probably pick up a launch "wii u" I was really impressed by the Zelda game they showed.

Nintendo Magic plus the eyecandy of good graphics will make this console a success in my eyes.

andron2745d ago

Yes, no Blu-Ray or HD as standard could be a problem. Don't know how long Nintendo expect this console to last. They'll be well behind technologically next-gen...

Sano642745d ago

They will have their own disc! Whats so special about bluray if it holds about the same!

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