E3 2011: Top 3 Unannounced Games That Destroyed The Excitements writes: Microsoft and Sony’s conference are over and the excitements didn’t really reach previously unseen height.

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kosovo2746d ago

for me i will say it's Agent

proudly_X2746d ago

Agent still looks like a mere idea to me... nothing to show yet that it seriously exist.

Focker4202746d ago

Eight Days was cancelled long ago, get over it already

KingofGambling2746d ago

not officially cancel still on hold

Wolf8732746d ago

I was hoping they'll talk about Last Guardian, been so long. When is it coming?

nevin12746d ago

I actually wanted to see God Of War 4, Syphon Filter, MGS5, Heavenly Sword and GTA.

TheDivine2746d ago

I wanted alan wake 2, lost odyssey 2, last guardian release date, last story us release, and xenoblade us release.

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