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SilentNegotiator2746d ago

Yeah.....that video was sort of lame.
And considering that there wasn't actually any gameplay, the graphics really weren't THAT impressive.

Warprincess1162746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I know. They tried to make the CGI video look like real gameplay footage. At-least Sony did a better job at it. The graphics look like the 360 and the PS3. I think Sony and MS don't have anything to worry about.

captain-obvious2746d ago

Thats only the controller PPL
its a full console
here it is

i dont know why but that conference was confusing as hell

Will-UK2746d ago

Exactly they focused to much on the controller and the graphics aren't that great and no word on a online service

Fishy Fingers2746d ago

As good as any PS3/360 launch title. You'll have to give them a chance to tap the hardware.

StbI9902746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

MAN WA IS WI DA CONTROLLER?? wdf, i liked somehow the wii controller but this thing is like WAY TOO BIG, vita owned it all.

Vita name better than WiiU lol

oricon2746d ago

They need to release the specs of the console imo, since as i already said, i think developers are just developing the games for the console since they just showed trailers of the games they already developing. I think it was too early for the to unveil the console.

Burning_Finger2746d ago

Weak...Is that supposed to be an HD??

topekomsi2746d ago

Does it have bluray?
That console sitting by the tv looks different than the wii.

RAmar1012746d ago

i have a feeling the wiiU will have a console hub that plugs into telly with the wiiU controller as the controller obviously

user8586212746d ago

it is different check joystiq for high quality pic of the new console, Im guessing the rumored specs involving bluray and ati graphics card are true

pedrami912746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I dont see what you guys are complaining about.

They're doing the very thing you all have been asking, bi***** and whinening about for all this time, hardcore games.

fatstarr2746d ago

Yes nintendo went games first 3rd party to be exact
the graphics look good and its not even the tip of the iceburg

waterboy2746d ago

if that bird video was just early footage sony and microsoft need to do something next e3

fluffydelusions2746d ago

You mean an HD video being shown? FFXIII has 1080p cut scenes on PS3 that look like that.

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The story is too old to be commented.