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doctorstrange2597d ago

Looks way more core than Wii

coolboy2212597d ago

The console itself looks pretty cool, but that controller is HUGE. Kind of cool, but now everyone gonna think Nintendo started the Console to portable thing. Well Nintendo is doing it better then Sony IMO

thong_pounder2597d ago

stupid Nintendo made me think the controller was the console, because i haven't seen one picture of the console in the presentation.

hakis862597d ago

lol is first? xD

MonkeyBoy922597d ago

Same I was so confused haha

darthv722597d ago

under that hood is 3 times the power of the 360/ps3?

The controller is like those home automation ones you see celebs use to control their tv and lights and everything else.

Now "wii" can all be like them.

chanmasta2597d ago

If you people looked under and next to the several TVs in the presentation, you would have seen the new console.

Skip_Bayless2597d ago

Guess what... I can do this with the PSV/PS3 combonation this fall, and I also have PS Move/PS Eye combo too. Have fun waiting until next year to do the samething.

WhittO2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

But its NOT Console to Portable, THAT's what Sony is doing with PS Vita.

All Nintendo are doing is having a fat screen on the controller instead of using the TV, you wont be able to transfer the game and continue playing wherever you go...

So how does that mean Nintendo are doing it better than Sony?!

Arnon2597d ago

No you can't, but keep hoping.

HardCover2597d ago

"Kind of cool, but now everyone gonna think Nintendo started the Console to portable thing.'

Maybe if this is your first generation gaming, lmao

How soon we forget the VMU, Pocketstation, and even the Nintendo GBA link cable, among others.

starchild2597d ago

It reminds me of the original Xbox 360. Overall it looks sleeker than the Wii and I like the look. I just want to see more detailed specs.

sikbeta2597d ago

Everything is Clear now, I thought that [email protected] controller was the console, everything packed on the same device, I'm sure I wasn't the only one :P

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Star512597d ago

Looks like the 360's hd-dvd drive add-on

Will-UK2597d ago

Tell us more on the console not the controller

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

I hope good graphics with 720p or 1080p.

Those Graphics they show like Zelda, the Bird are CGI. And Tekken with the others looks good, but I want to see the real native Graphics and if they can show RAW Performance I'm sold.

Samus HD2597d ago

they can run 1080 i guess...

Eamon2597d ago

Reggie said they were tech demos not CGI.

egidem2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Nintendo is at least finally addressing the hardcore gamers. I can't believe Microsoft is just doing the opposite.

Ninja Gaiden, Arkham City, Darksiders 2, very hardcore games, are coming TO THE NEW WII!

Edit: It's over...and it's official: Microsoft's E3 performance was the worst.

dericb112597d ago

I think this is a silly way to address fans. Why you buy a new system to play games available on the PS3 or 360 already. To top it off the touch screen is not a little hardcore its just a controller with a TV built-in.

Bzone242597d ago

All the games you listed are also coming to the 360 and the PS3 for that matter.

Max_Dissatisfaction2597d ago

All those games and more are coming to the 360 so what exactly is your point?

R0me2597d ago

And what do you think happens in 2 years?
When MS and Sony shows their new powerful consoles?
Do you really think they will make a bad port to Wii u? I dont think so.

slate912597d ago

All of those games you mentioned are coming to the Xbox360 lol...Fail?

egidem2597d ago

I know all those games are coming to other platforms. The point here is, they are at least putting some focus on the hardcore!

BryanBegins2597d ago

Microsoft isn't even trying anymore to win E3.

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Lovable2597d ago

so it can finally play games on the same level of the 360 and Ps3? Wow I'll be excited if I don't have neither of those consoles I mentioned...

Jamzluminati2597d ago

That garbage looks like a dreamcast mixed with a N64 mixed with a vcr that we had in the 80's.

- We are watching

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DeadlyFire2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Needs more console focus. Sure new controller concept is awesome, but a little less in your face with it.

Looks like all Wii games will be compatible.

I expect E3 2012 to be the big arena for Nintendo to show off more on the actual console hardware and games coming to the system.

I wanna see this new online setup they got.

Lou-Cipher2597d ago

It's not even a new console, it is just an another controller for the Wii.
No HD/NO Bluray

I thought I was dissapointed from what Microsoft did this E3, but I was wrong. Nintendo just has just become the biggest loser this E3.

MinusTheBear2597d ago

Wtf? Did you even watch? Its a new console with a new controller.

doctorstrange2597d ago

They just presented it weirdly

Lou-Cipher2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

I hope you two are right, but it sure looks like a Wii Add On to me. Hopefully a clear picture of what this is actually presents itself soon.

As a core gamer, I still dont have a clear reason on why I should want anything to do with Nintendo.

Plus, Where is the Online component that can compete with Live or PSN. Online is such a big factor for alot of Core Gamers, and Nintendo didn't make anyone feel better about not having to deall with those stupid online codes for an online id.

Duraji2597d ago

Seven agrees? Reggie himself just said that it's a new console with 1080p graphics, which I thought would be obvious from watching the third party support at the conference.

Gahh, people are so stupid sometimes.

Christopher2597d ago

Just wanted to say that saying it can do "1080p" graphics doesn't mean most games will be in "1080p." Both the 360 and PS3 have games that run in 1080p, but they're not your usual disc-based hardcore, high quality graphic games.

It's unlikely that any home console put out at this time will run native 1080p and 30fps on all games for at least 5 years. Even now, most games on the HD consoles are sub-HD (not 720p). 1080p at the same level as your hardcore games is an exponential increase in processing power required that costs too much for consoles right now.

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BSigel812597d ago

I thought it looked pretty cool seeing as they were never in the next generation race to begin with. You have to start somewhere and that is a nice start. People who don't like it and probably would have never bought it anyway can continue to gripe because it will sell millions. This is coming from a hardcore PC, PS3 gamer.

hetz152597d ago

I'm officially confused. been watching the conference without sound (at work), and I didn't see any console showings, just that weird designed controller thing. So, is this a new console, an add-on, or what?

BSigel812597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

It's both a controller and console bro, I assume that they didn't show the main console because it is still in development. Besides, I knew if they showed the whole thing then it would have made the audience want to know the price range of it. So, they capitalized only on the controller. Just my opinion on the matter.

hetz152597d ago

oh ok. thanks a lot. seriously, nintendo's conference was very confusing without sound lol

nix2597d ago

it was even more confusing with the sound. the first 15 mins or so was all about Zelda and the translater spoke even before the japanese founder could finish speaking so there was a sound overlap.

they didn't even show the new console just started off with the controller.

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DigitalAnalog2597d ago

But it was disheartening that they never showed the specs, not to mention the PS3/360 ports to the Wii game considering they they showed that very VERY impressive 'swallow' tech demo.

Judging from the comments, it's quite clear they didn't see the potential of this device. It can literally play in an "alternate" point-of-view that any gaming system is unable to provide. Let's see what the hands-on journalist got to say about this because it's ascertain Nintendo murdered E3 once again.

-End statement

hotrider122597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

"The CONTROLLER" look better than the previous lie floating around the net all last week. some lame graphic artist designer had fake photo's of the controller and console.

seinfan2597d ago

It's still called a Wii, though. lmao

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N4GAddict2597d ago

Thank you for not being only a controller.


decimalator2597d ago

But will it play more than Mario games?

ZombieAssassin2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

yea they have most of the multiplats coming to it that where currently only announced for ps3/360...bf3 i believe/metro last light..etc

What I really wanna know is the specs for it, if it's not much more powerful than ps3/360 then it's a waste but if it has a good edge on them I could see myself picking it up sometime after release.

maniacmayhem2597d ago

Read the article it says it right there.

Rainstorm812597d ago

I agree.

Thank goodness this isnt only a controller, i was thinking the entire time, " a controller? Thats it?"

doctorstrange2597d ago

They made it seem like an add-on for ages, before that flashed up

Pixel_Enemy2597d ago

why is that a good thing again? If the hand held controller WAS the console then you could bring it anywhere like a portable. This is a controller that you have to be in range of the console to play.

Rainstorm812597d ago

Oh no its not a good thing, the good thing is it isnt JUST this controller but with it having the same stuff as PS3 and 360 makes me very very hesitant....

Taggart4512597d ago

I feel bad because I don't feel excited about it yet. I just don't get it.

N4GAddict2597d ago

At least it's a new console and not just a controller

dktxx22597d ago

Ya thats a plus. The controller just looks dumb to me.

GiggMan2597d ago

Thank God. I was worried for a second.

FAGOL2597d ago

I hope theres some sort of standard controller you can buy. That new controller doesn't look like something you can play with for long periods.

I'll buy it if they have some cool games on release.

SilentNegotiator2597d ago

Looks like a Wii got dirty with a 360.

doctorstrange2597d ago

And the controller is the Wii with iPad

kesvalk2597d ago

"hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide you husband too cuz they're raping everybody around here..."

Canidae2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Phew, had me worried there for a second. Sweet looking new console, with some good looking games. At the very minimum it's a nice update to the Wii, and finally brings Nintendo into the current gen (as far as graphics go).