Smash Bros Announced for 3DS with Wii U Integration

Nintendo has announced that they will release a smash bros title for 3DS and Wii U

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yen8882625d ago

Wow, I'm liking the games they have announced this E3, one of Nintendo's best E3's!!!!

Menech2625d ago

Shush this is N4G Sony won, they had already won E3 2011 last month.

Peaceful_Jelly2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

go to gamespot, go to gametailers, visit the chats on justin tv... Most people are hating on this thing and the overall conference.

spektical2625d ago

no just no. Nintendo did not win.
If wer gonna use the same rules to grade SONY, then Nintendo has not showed us anything we did not already see, nor completely obvious.

BUT SHHHHHH its n4g where rules are double standards.

radphil2625d ago

"one of Nintendo's best E3's!!!"

That's not what everyone else is saying atm.

The info was so vague this time around. >_>

StbI9902625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

ONE of nintendo best e3???? really???...guess someone here doesn't have a ps3 at all LOL

If u ask urself what the ps3 has to do with anything, simple, it already outdo the wiiu in what is aiming for, plus sony first party games plus vita? dude sony blowed this out, 3DS doesnt even have integration on the go with wiiU...whoever disagree is simply going forth and back for a trolling attempt.

This gen pertain to vita on the handheld field and microsoft and sony on the console field, thanks yall.

BTW deliscious nintendo failed this conference, love to watch most xbawt and nintendo fanboy crawl like defenders without shields around LOOOOOL.

Vitaaa owneeed.

Brasi822625d ago

No one won E3 this year. All presentations sucked and all information was lacking. If anyone "won" E3 it was EA because I love Mass Effect and The Old Republic. Sony - C, Microsoft - C, Nintendo - C. If you wanna go by what was announced and released then Sony and Nintendo tied.

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silkrevolver2625d ago

...I just wish that they showed one REAL first party game for the thing. I just want some footage!

VampiricDragon2625d ago

you realize this isnt coming until holiday 2012

so there will be 1 more E3

silkrevolver2625d ago

... that doesn’t mean they can’t show us something beyond a tech demo.

VampiricDragon2625d ago

actually thats exactly what it means.

Its still over a full year out.

Mattlevin2625d ago

Was expecting a new console pretty sad that we just got an addon

silkrevolver2625d ago

... the name just sounds like it’s an add on.

abc12332625d ago

This will be.... AMAZING!

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