BF3 Live From E3

Battlefield 3 E3 Live Stream Starts at 06/07/2011 4PM EST, 1PM PT

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Tank_Commander_E62744d ago

This event hasn't passed yet so don't flag it please. Thanks.

Tank_Commander_E62744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Stream is live!!! 30, 000 viewers. Nice! :D

Please show plenty of PS3 footage DICE, thnx.

lugia 40002744d ago

According to IGN its at 1:30PST

zealottt2744d ago

This game will shit all over MW3.

red2tango2744d ago

yes we know but those comments are getting old

DanSolo2744d ago

Yeah don't make yourself sound like some sort of Zealot.... oh wait....

KeiserSosay47882744d ago

so it should be on like now?

kza2744d ago

Where can i watch it????

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The story is too old to be commented.