Unofficial Playstation 3 commercial

A gamer has made the following Playstation 3 commercial, early comments are showing that people are certainly impressed by it. Have a look at the video below and what do you think?

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SonySoldiers3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )


GO PS3! A console thats lightyears ahead of time - PLAYB3YOND Forever!

PS3 games are way beyond Holywood's blockbuster movies - more actions, more life-like effects, less cartoony, super true colors, mindblowing reality, a CELL processor runs at the speed of bullet (120 fps 1080p guaranteed!) and more games! PLEASE SAY "WOW!" OR "OMG!"

Trust Us, buy it now!

Vojkan3834d ago

No you are "TRUE IDIOT"! I am all for PS3 but calling console for a "GOD" is just loosing sense with reality. I advise you to search some professional help.

Devr3834d ago

SonySoldiers is obviously a joke account, imo.

Evil0Angel3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

PS3 4 child molesters

Evil0Angle @XBL
evil0angel @PSN(PuS5y Network REALLY [email protected])(please do not molest me)

PS3 is reallly waste of money.(i regret the day i bought it) .the games just [email protected]

"...this SICK FILTH! Appalling upskirt action from the PS3's Hot Shots Golf 5..."

jackfatal3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

this guy is crazy!! he can be funny!! am sure he is in love with japanese culture and their things! like anime games rpg maybe girls etc!!

by the way japanese girls act and speaks just like their cartoons!! i mean like dolls or something like that!! its amazing how they make these sounds and way of speaking!!!

AngryTypingGuy3833d ago

"PS3 games are way beyond Holywood's blockbuster movies - more actions, more life-like effects, less cartoony, super true colors, mindblowing reality"...and their 360 counterparts get higher ratings because they usually look better and run smoother!

Your consistently moronish comments aside, the person who did that video is very talented. It is a very cool commercial. When the folks at Sony see that, the marketing director will start to sweat!

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ruibing3834d ago

This guy should work for their U.S. PR department. Nothing brings out the message about a gaming console better than games.

ATLRoAcH3833d ago

Makes me wanna go hug my PS3 or

Sevir043834d ago

i swear the people over at Sony with there marketing for both US and EU don't have there screws tight. because there commercials and marketing campaign reeks. they should hire this guy and snip this into smaller versions just so they could better market it's 3rd and first party games

nice unofficial add

TheSadTruth3834d ago

There was nothing special about the video at all.. if he did the very beginning that that was a nice job.. but the rest is just a ps3 montage with music playing (and very minimal special effects) which anyone can do...

xplosneer3834d ago

While true it was easy to make, it fits perfectly. Can you deny that it isn't at least good?

drtysouf213834d ago

I like the ending with Kaz.

lawman11083833d ago

I counted at least 6 games that are not even out yet however, it was nice to see the other 8 that the system has shown too. Hahahhahahaha

BlaCkMaRK7143834d ago

good commercial, could have done without that music though.

This is what sony needs to do in the advertising department SHOW THE GAMES!! not those stupid ps3 in the white room ads, those are just god awful.

IF sony would just have constant commercials running this holiday season, they will do extremely well.