Biggest FPS Letdowns of All Time

"One of the things we as gamers routinely do is wait breathlessly for the next 'it' game to come down the pike. Sadly, it seems that often our anticipation is met with a huge letdown when things don't turn out as we'd hoped. In The List today, Richard Cox takes a look at games that he believes are the Biggest Letdowns of All Time"

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NateCole2747d ago

Except haze was not hyped at all. KZ2 took that honor but KZ2 did deliver though.

edhe2747d ago

No hype for haze? selective memory much?

TenSteps2747d ago

Haze got it's fair share of hype, even an article that mentions how it has moments where it looked better than the original Crysis.

Also it was at the time being made by Free Radical who have made the enjoyable Timesplitters series so people were already expecting it to deliver a competent experience.

In the end Haze was still a disappointment especially at the time when it was released people were saying it will be the first to truly show what PS3 is capable off(the days of the "oh noes Ps3 is teh doomz!!1!").

NateCole2747d ago


Yes. Haze was not hype much at all. A few articles how it was comparable to Crysis or Halo does not constitute it to be a hyped game.

Truth is everyone was looking at KZ2 at least on the PS front. If you ask main stream gamers about Haze and i bet you no one knows much about it. There were no mountain dew or super bowl ads.

I didn't see any articles on main stream gaming news media hyping Haze at all to be the second coming of christ.

TenSteps2747d ago

The media never hyped Haze as much as KZ2 but like I said it had it's fair share of hype however the hype Haze received was more on the users less on the journalist side.

taylork372747d ago

Haze not hyped my ass.

All I heard was "Halo Killer"

RedDragan2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

If any of you actually bothered to play Blacksite: Area 51 then you would be saying Haze is potential Game of the Year material.

Trust me. Blacksite: Area 51 is 1,000,000 times worse than Haze.

That game is the very reason why some people should not be allowed to make games.

NateCole2747d ago


Really?. I thought that was KZ. But offcourse, make whatever shit you want. Its the internet afterall. Halo Killer. Show me that article and the media perpetuating that idea and hyping Haze to be the Halo Killer.

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TabLock2747d ago

resistance 2 and probably resistance 3... why they changed it so much from from resistance 1 is beyond me... thats why insomniac blows now

TenSteps2747d ago

Have you taken the time to look at R3 videos they're bringing back all the things people missed when they changed so much for two.

Weapon Wheel, Health bar, Doom and Gloom feel over the colorful look.

Don't judge R3 until it's out.

Kurt Russell2747d ago

Yeah, I just finished this game and fully concur. I didn't expect to be that disappointed... Didn't really come to understand anything that went on.

wallis2747d ago

Walked up to the nearest skyscraper, pressed 'E' and the door didn't open.

Fuck you crytek, fifteen feet of scaffolding was not what I was thinking when you prattled on about 'vertical play'. With all the expansive ways you could have pushed crysis 2 after hitting the graphical benchmark you decide to go linear? Every eighteen months technology doubles in power and with all that power you could have gone destructible environments, fully realized city landscapes, procedurally generated urban structures... any number of things.

Halving texture sizes, going linear, and blowing up the odd building for spectacle was not what I had in mind. It's a sad day when somebody else beats you at your own game cause that's what far cry 3 looks like it's going to do.

taylork372747d ago

Crysis 2 was a good game. If you compare it to Crysis 1 I can see how you are dissapointed.

Petro2748d ago

Eww Daikatana! Getting goosebumps just by thinking of that abomination.

LightofDarkness2748d ago

Oh, the years wasted in anticipation...

I have a feeling that DNF is inevitably going to suffer the same fate.

Bolts2747d ago

Anyone familiar with the history of Daikatana will tell you that it's impossible for a FPS to bomb that bad ever again.

DNF actually looks average and Haze was the victim of the PS3's early Cell based woes. But Daikatana is an entirely different sort of epic fail all together.

It takes a special brand of incompetence and hubris to produce an epic bomb like Daikatana.

DevilsJoker2747d ago

I can't leave without my buddy superfly.

Pintheshadows2747d ago

I'm guessing a majority of people above never played Daikatana because it is undoubtedly the worst FPS of all time.

terrordactyl2748d ago

How could you forget Haze?

Bolts2747d ago

None the games referenced from 5-2 were of any import. Some people even considered Shadow Warrior and C&C: Renegade to be cult classics.

But not having Haze on that list is ridiculous.

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