2 New Gameplay Videos For Resistance 3 (Not E3)

Insomniac Games has put up 2 new videos on their official YouTube channel. Looking quite awesome according to me!
The videos features never before seen levels, weapons and enemies. Enjoy

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Pintheshadows2596d ago

Wow, looks so good. Normal chimera can cloak now as well. Really eerie feel to it.

If I have one criticism it is that Wales isn't that colourful.

hakis862596d ago

Thanks for posting the vids - looks sweet!

theonlylolking2596d ago

This game looks like one of the best FPS of the year.

James Vanderbeek2596d ago

I cant wait to get this game. looks awesome..

is it me or did the multiplayer graphics look better then the single player? maybe it was the darkness.. anyway looks sick

telekineticmantis2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

smh.. This is why this game stands out amongst the other FPS's today, definite buy.