Thoughts on the Sony E3 2011 presentation

Gabriel May from Push-Start gives his thoughts on Sony's E3 2011 presentation

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Rhezin2749d ago

is anyone else having trouble signing in?

juggulator2749d ago

I'm still trying to get my head around how and why they announced cross-game chat for the NGP but not for PS3. Because that = FAIL in my book.

solidsheep2749d ago

There is no power to run it in the back ground you would have to go back and downgrade all the old games.Ventrilo takes 6,000k of memory to run on my pc so i would think Sony would need around that much free memory at all times to have it running in the background. Also just look how long it takes to just open xmb when in game.

juggulator2748d ago

6mb doesn't seem like alot but I'm sure it's vital for the PS3 since it only has 256mb of RAM. I know the NGP can't be more powerful than the PS3 though.