PlayStation Vita actually released by March 2012 for Europe and America

TechNoid writes: "Jack Tretton said on GTTV that the PlayStation Vita won't release in 2011 at Europe and North-America, as Sony focused on a Japan release."

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stevenhiggster2722d ago

NOOOOO! Say it aint so, I cant wait till then :-(

Goeres2722d ago

Going to have to import it then..

tinezedw2722d ago

Nooooooooooooooooooooo,(dark vader's voice)

JayX6662722d ago

Think you'll find that its luke skywalker who says 'nooooooooooo', ahem.


Good that means the money I have saved up for this year will go on the tons of awesome games coming out near the end of the year.

bub162722d ago

fuck you sony. you always seem to disapoint me now :(

DigitalRaptor2721d ago

LOL at the impatient gamers!

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