E3 Kinect Impressions - The Controller Returns (StrengthGamer)

Anthony Accinelli of writes, "As you all know the E3 Microsoft Press Conference was earlier today. Showing off a ridiculous amount of new titles, all of them with Kinect capabilities, Microsoft did a phenomenal job (yet again) of making Kinect seem like the next big thing. I'll admit, I was even on the Kinect wagon for the majority of the day."

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AvidGamerrrr2422d ago

Could not agree more. Was so disappointed.

mac_attack2422d ago

Flames count as articles around here? No wonder the maturity level of the average poster!

AnthonyAccinell2422d ago

How is this a flame article?

mac_attack2420d ago

Second to last paragraph is pretty transparent... dont know how you cant see that as a flame attack on anybody that disagrees with him.

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