Bodycount - New E3 Trailer

[email protected]: "Do I really have to explain this? Man shoots things. Things die."

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joydestroy2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

i'm sure a lot aren't really excited about this game, but i am. spiritual successor to Black... count me in!

edit: and of course the vid was pretty awesome! i know it's not BF3, but this game is gonna rock man.

that was a Sleigh Bells song playing in the background if anyone was wondering

andron2718d ago

I hope it will be good too, Black was the best PS2 FPS.

The graphics are nice, i see it uses the EGO engine, that's the same used in the Dirt games if I'm not mistaken...

M4I0N32718d ago

same engine as the operation flashpoint games

DecoyOctopus2718d ago

wow did not expect this to look so good destructible environments and stylish graphics? scifi weapons?, if it has multiplayer im in!

chriski3332718d ago

That looks like fun want to see more

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