Battlefield 3 - New info on console versions

[email protected]: "On GTTV, even more Battlefield 3 info was procured. While the demo yesterday was on PC, a developer from DICE calmed fears that the consoles were inferior."

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lugia 40002745d ago

I won't believe it will look as good as PC...

Wenis2745d ago

This is not news. How does shit like this get approved.

fluffydelusions2745d ago

Well I KNOW it won't look as good as PC version but I still want to see what it looks like.

Hanif-8762745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

They already showed pieces of the PS3 gameplay graphics in one of the trailer they released and it looks damn good. At first i thought that it was the PC version and then i saw an article which showed to us what most of us missed that it was indeed the PC and PS3 version showed.

PS3 version:
@ 0:45 and 0:52 look at the bottom right side of the video which indicates which version is being showed :-)

2745d ago
Washington-Capitals2745d ago

To be fair, those were 1 second clips and a few frames, you really cant make any sort of judgments from that.

b163o12745d ago

^^^^^ Thank You

I've stressed this about an earlier. You can't judge of those snippets, they're like 4sec @the most.

death2smoochie2745d ago

Those screen shots are almost mere seconds to the point if you don't look hard enough, you miss it. You cannot tell the game fidelity based on that.

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BeastlyRig2745d ago

The console version is sure to have 1080p, Msaa, 3d support, dx11 & more!!

What else would it have?

arjman2745d ago

I felt that your statement was so ridiculous that I had to write it out

trippyaaron2745d ago

he was obviously being sarcastic

Organization XII2745d ago

Tesselation, 60fps, 32x anistropic filtering, motion-blur, ubersampling and even eyefinity support. yup 6 year old tech is mighy uber-pwnge!

ps. loving the mobile n4g. kudos folks!

Drake_Seraphim2745d ago

The game will still be beautiful no matter what it's on.

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Pandamobile2745d ago

"Of course it will look as good!"

Lol, no it won't. You put the producer on the spot on live TV and ask him if the the console versions will look as good as the PC version, what do you expect him to say?

Fishy Fingers2745d ago

Even if it had all the bells and whistles (which is doesnt), it would still be at 720p.

Pandamobile2745d ago

And 30 FPS, with little-to-no anti-aliasing.

They also confirmed that the console versions won't have rendering features like fully dynamic lighting.

Fishy Fingers2745d ago

But it still looks the same, right? lol.

death2smoochie2745d ago


I can't think of too many games in general on consoles that have full dynamic lighting...then when you add in destruction...there is none. LOL

Rikan2745d ago

Lol What a stupid article.

waterboy2745d ago

look at all the depressed pc fans learning the truth

KeiserSosay47882745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

What r u talking about? The console versions are running on below the minimum requirements. The PC version doesn't use dx 9 hurp durp

EDIT: you're right, PS3 uses openGL. My point still stands. The PC version's lowest requirements will still be above the consoles. BC2 forces AA on MINIMUM. Why would BF3 be any different?

waterboy2745d ago

ps3 doesnt have any dx idiot thats a microsoft deevelopment tool set

BlackKnight2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )


PS3 uses OpenGL ES 2.0, which is very similar to DX9.

PC has DX11 and OpenGL 4.1 at the moment, those two being similar as well.

Saying the PS3 uses DX9 isn't all that inaccurate in the sense that OpenGL 2.0 use shader model 3.0 just like DX9 and so on.


The SPU's on the Cell are being heavily used for the deferred lighting in BF3. While KZ2/3 had a peak of 300 realtime lights on one level, the AVERAGE lights in a BF3 level is 3,000. Might not be able to afford MLAA with how intense the engine is, unless they sacrifice the lighting alot more on the PS3 and then give it MLAA.

You Noob2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Optimized Cell usage and MLAA says hi?

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caboose322745d ago

LOL, you crack me up sometimes!

MGRogue20172745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

"While the demo yesterday was on PC, a developer from DICE calmed fears that the consoles were inferior."

Yes, The console versions will look just as good as the PC version.

But PC version will sh*t all over both of 'em in terms of graphics & performance.


JellyJelly2745d ago

That's true. They won't even have as big maps as the PC version and graphics will obviously have to be dumbed down too.

I think what he meant is that it will look really good still. At least 3x as good as MW3. ;)

BlackKnight2745d ago

This is a good point. People don't realize HOW FAR PCs are ahead. You can have BF3 not looking as awesome as PC, with lots of stuff missing, but still be one of the best looking console games. Watching BF3 on PC sometimes looks real, the tank scenes especially.

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