A New Direction for Brothers in Arms

Juan of Vivid Gamer writes:

Announced at E3, Gearbox Software's Brothers in Arms franchise is getting revived, but not using the same gameplay that made the other BiA games so popular with fans.

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rrquinta2746d ago

I could see how fans of the series would be disheartened by this news...

MassOnesumis2746d ago

Yes, many of us are. Some were expecting the battle of the bulge. We got Inglorious Basterds: The Video Game. Not saying its bad but kinda like in MGS2 when raiden became the main character.

admiralvic2746d ago

Well its better than more of the same I guess.

SynysteR2746d ago

I was disappointed at first, As I was hoping for a true sequel with more of what we have grown to know and love from the BIA franchise but honestly I am rather excited for this now, Should be a lot of fun to play. Inglorious Bastards style. Maybe in future we'll see a more traditional BIA title? Maybe moving away from WW2? I would love to see a Modern Warfare themed BIA.

Jamesmanguyperson2746d ago

liked the movie and the previous games..not so sure about the combination though..

electricshadow2746d ago

It just makes me sad knowing that we won't have a proper BiA game until probably 2014 at the earliest, if not 2015. I was really looking forward to the continuation/conclusion of Baker's story and then we get...THIS. WTH, Gearbox?

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The story is too old to be commented.