Kinect object scanning already being added to MS games

OXM UK: The Kinect object scanning technology demonstrated in yesterday's Microsoft conference is already being shared amongst internal Microsoft teams as well as third-party developers using Unreal Engine.

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theonlylolking2721d ago

I can now play uncharted 2 on my 360. Just scan the game case and there you go!

Burning_Finger2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

"The technology, which has existed for only around four months"


Breaking News: It's been around for decades.

Septic2721d ago

You were dropped on your head at birth weren't you?

2721d ago
The Meerkat2721d ago

It could make the next Dead Rising very funny indeed.

btk2721d ago

Did they not hype that last year already?

B1663r2721d ago

There are three games that use scanning on the Kinect Hacks channel on the xbox right now, you should go check it out, it is quite neat!.

mcstorm2721d ago

Well MS have shown off the things that were missing last year at e3 on kinect finger tracking and scanning. I really don't get the hate for MS and kinect every time they have been told show us it doing what project natal did they have done now. I can see kinect really changing the way we play games over the next 18 months with the finger trace scanning and speach.