Metro: Last Light - Extended Debut Trailer

Time for the start of the E3 in Los Angeles. THQ released an enhanced version of the announcement trailer. The new video shows more gameplay sequences. It also opens up a first look at the hostile group "The Kingdom", a group of fascists who want to seize power in the Moscow subway in itself ...

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MidnytRain2724d ago

My most anticipated game of next year! I've heard the first was very immersive, especially with Russian voice overs. Can anyone confirm this?

Human Analog2724d ago

You need to get the game for yourself and play it. It was as good as they say it was. I loved it. It wasn't perfect (nothing is) but it was way better than it's flaws.

Hazmat132724d ago

this is not new but still cool. WOO PS3!!

bluedevil182724d ago

good thing im not epileptic.. but music was dope with the video